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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Westfield & Hoboken: The Common Denominator

     Wondering why Westfield Police Chief Dave Wayman accepted an invitation to experience "an opportunity of a lifetime" by taking Westfield's taxpayer funded $300,000 emergency mobile command center along with Westfield taxpayer paid police officers to Hoboken, not once (Hoboken Huddle) but twice (Hoboken Lepre-con)?
     These two events were nothing more than Hoboken street fairs no different from Westfield's own Spring Fling and Fall Fest street fairs.
     Police Chief Wayman would rather Westfielders believe his "play dates " in Hoboken were at the request of the NFL to assist in Super Bowl security and to engage in "tactical planning and terrorism training."
     How else could he justify, to Mayor Skibitsky and town administrator Jim Gildea, Westfield's equipment and manpower being misappropriated to another jurisdiction outside of Union County.
Perhaps Skibitsky and Gildea gave their blessing?

Click on the following link and find the connection.
TFoTM suggests........same clown, different circus.   If only Hoboken knew.  Seems the Hoboken politicians are circling the wagons to protect their heavy handed parking department.
More to follow. (Captain of what?)

Click on the following link to read related story on Hoboken's heavy handed parking policy.


  1. WTF is a "Captain of Support Services" when he worked in Westfield?
    I know what it is, it's Morgan crying to the chief to give him a rank of captain within the auxiliary officers so he could wear the fake captains bars into Vicki's Diner and Dunkin Donuts and get free handouts using his uniform. He wasn't even a police officer, HE WAS A SPECIAL/auxiliary officer the kind that directs traffic on weekends at houses of worship. He was a civilian employee in the parking department that wore his auxiliary uniform to work everyday so he could carry his peashooter unlike a real cop that can carry a concealed gun 24/7.
    Morgan is nothing more than a poser, weekend warrior, wannabe, that ran his phoneshop (Phone Nook) out of business. Only a matter of time before he pulls the Sam sh*t in Hoboken that got him ousted from Westfield.
    Aka.......Mr. Sexual Harrassment.

  2. Morgan made Mayor McDermott look bad during the Westfield parking deck debate in 03'-04'. Morgan lied to town officials about the commuter parking waiting list. Looks like he might be back for an encore in Hoboken. Zimmer should can him while she still has the votes otherwise she'll end up like McDermott, resigning and running for the hills of Warren County.

  3. Kramer from AirplaneSaturday, May 17, 2014

    Captain of Support....he couldnt be the Captain of the Titanic.....I wanted to puke everytime I saw that idiot in a uniform ....guess when you have your nose up Barneys ass and a Unico faker you can do what you is something to chew on...look at the dates he was working....couldnt hold a job for very long....guess if he didnt try to get down the pants of the women at work he might still have a steady job.

  4. He was ousted in 2006 from his parking directors job because his rabbi Barney was put out to pasture. He couldn't hack working without Barney because he no longer had anyone to cover up his BS, ticket fixing, and harassment of females.
    He is a police special and not a Captain of Support Services unless thats the tiltle they give to a Tracy hack.

  5. Captain of Support...????...wonder what the Attorney General would have to say about that....????

  6. Heard Ringling Bros. is in Hoboken for the foreseeable future.

  7. He was out in Westfield today - in all his glory with his white shirt on! He spent more time today drinking coffee, eating breakfast and driving around looking important than actually directing traffic. His entire "support services division" should be disbanded! He and his crony, Special Sgt. Garrigan, are the biggest jokes of the WPD!

    1. at least when he is drinking coffee and eating breakfast he isnt a hazard to the general public.......

    2. And it's a shame that he and Garrigan wear as many *years of services marks* as they do - it's so disrespectful to the real cops that have actually served that many years.

  8. Once again, you're "spot on." How is Skibitsky allowing this to go on? Why aren't other council people saying anything? I'm sick and tired of my tax dollars being wasted, and I pay a lot of property tax in this town.

  9. It is a shame Westfield cops can't earn stripes for coffee breaks, cell phone breaks and chatting with each other while double parked on side streets. We would have the most decorated force in the State.

  10. These cops are a reflection of their, ahem, "leader." Fish rot from the head down