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Thursday, June 05, 2014

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

     Today is the day that Westfield restaurants holding conditional liquor licenses will now be able to serve alcohol directly to patrons across, or seated, at a bar.  
     Councilman Jim Foerst stated publicly, at a recent town council meeting, that his vote was ultimately swayed in favor of the ordinance change by the fact that his wife and her fellow McKinley mom's group had nowhere to go and meet to enjoy a casual drink without ordering food.  PRICELESS.
     Councilman Frank Arena has held his re-election campaign at another Ferraro's location (off S. Elmer St.)  No need to recap his vote.
     Councilwoman JoAnne Neylan, Chairwoman of Mayor Skibitsky's Public Safety Committee, and an employee of Councilman Foerst, once downplayed the need for Westfield's fire department ladder truck to respond to the fire that demolished Ferraro's.  The ladder truck was rendered useless because the FD was lacking the manpower to man the apparatus.  Gotta' love the town council cutbacks in FD manpower.  Fits right into Mayor Skibitsky's "Doing More With Less" budget claims.  Councilwoman Neylan had stated that the truck is primarily used for "scenic aerial views." DISINGENUOUS. (Neylen's favorite word)  Forget the fact that the ladder truck is PRIMARILY used for aerial rescue, and fighting a fire from above through a vented roof. 
     TFoTM wonders if Mayor Skibitsky's Friday night pilgrimage to La Famiglia Sorrento on Central Ave. will continue. 
     Don't worry Westfielders, Councilman Sam Della Fera is a stickler for the law because he is a lawyer, just in case you have missed the number of times he has reminded attendees at council meetings.  As the chairman of Mayor Skibitsky's Finance Committee, he will be right on top of the 50-50 stipulation in the ordinance that requires an equal distribution of alcohol and food to be served at establishments governed by the amended ordinance.  Don't hold your breath.
     In closing, Westfield has had restaurants with bars.  How many bars will Westfield now have with restaurants as an afterthought?
     TFoTM hopes Hershey's Deli doesn't try to obtain a liquor license.  Could you imagine them having to hire someone to check ID's at lunchtime?   
     TFoTM wishes the Ferraro family the best of luck, as well as all the other establishments that will reap the benefit of the revamped town ordinance regarding how liquor will now be served at establishments once restricted.  
     Long live the BYOB!!!!


  1. This kind of abuse would not occur if Richard Bagger was around

  2. Go back to Arizona Skibitsky!