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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WPD Chief Wayman: Counter-Terrorism Exercise or Expo Salesman

TFoTM is in the process of confirming the whereabouts of the Westfield Police Department's emergency mobile command center.  Sources have indicated that the MSOC is being showcased in Atlantic City, New Jersey, once again, at another expo.
     The Police Security Expo event is being held in the Atlantic City Convention Centre on June 24th & 25th.  "This event provides the Goods, Products and services relating to the industry associated with Law, Security, Governments, Safety and Homeland Security Professionals. The event will be celebrating the 28th Anniversary of the Police Security. This event is considered as one of the nation's largest showcase of goods, products and services related to many security agencies and industries. One of the unique aspects of the Police Security Expo is that it organizes the best displays for its exhibitors to display or to introduce their new products and services related to this industry."

TFoTM asks Mayor Skibitsky and town council members the following:

1.  Who authorizes the use of the mobile command center outside of Westfield?
2.  How much Westfield taxpayer money is spent when the mobile command center leaves the borders of Westfield to attend an expo?
3.  Why is Westfield's emergency mobile command center being showcased or advertised by the police department in a city over 100 miles away?
4.  Is the emergency mobile command center ready and available should an emergency arise in Westfield?
5.  How much taxpayer money is being spent to send Westfield police officers to an expo?  Hotel accommodations, meals, fuel, salary, overtime?
6.  Is the Town of Westfield and/or police department involved in any contract to showcase the emergency mobile command center as an exhibitor on behalf of the manufacturer, specifically Robert Mount & Power Innovations of Utah?
7.  Could this be considered wasteful spending, mismanagement of town resources, and deceptive actions by police Chief David Wayman, Mayor Andy Skibitsky, and Town Administrator Jim Gildea?

TFoTM asks the Westfield Taxpayer.....How are the potholes on your street?



  1. Updated:
    Westfield Police Chief David Wayman and several other employees of the Westfield Police Department were in Atlantic Ciry along with the emergency mobile command center for a police related expo.

  2. It was a training exercise. Wayman played the role of a drunk wandering the streets of AC and the mobile command center was brought in to help in the search. Actually, it wasn't a drill, the part about Wayman intoxicated.

  3. Check any go go bar or strip joint if you need to find him, no need for a "command" center

  4. how much is Wayman making off of showing off his toy that the town paid for...?????"

  5. Hey does the FD get to take the command center to their convention?????

    1. Sure, right after the rescue squad takes it on a weekend camping trip.

    2. When the Westfield Town Council and Mayor Skibitsky passed a resolution to purchase the emergency mobile command center with Westfield tax $$$$, they said it would benefit the police and fire department as well as the rescue squad. You would think that as coordinator of Westfield's Office of Emergency Management, fire chief Dan Kelly would have authority over the mobile command centers use.
      The fact of the matter is that this is not the case. All authority has gone through the Westfield police chief's office.

    3. What do you expect from a power hungry ego maniac narcissistic bully like Wayman.......

  6. WOW three weeks and nothing new......must be vacation time.....