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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Westfield Student Struck by Motor Vehicle

At approximately 7:50am this morning an Edison Intermediate School student was struck by a motor vehicle in front of Lincoln School located on Westfield Ave.
Lincoln School houses the districts kindergarten students.
An eye witness states that the Summit Ave resident was riding a scooter when he entered the crosswalk and was struck by a motor vehicle. Apparently, the driver did not see the young student due to sun glare. The boy was rushed to the hospital with a possible concussion.

The following is a statement released from Edison Intermediate School Principal:

Subject: Edison School - Accident this morning 
Dear Edison School Families,

This morning, at approximately 7:50 am, an Edison School student was struck by a car on Westfield Avenue near Lincoln School.  Community members and the Westfield Police Department responded quickly to help the student.  The student is currently being transported to the hospital for medical care.  I do not have information on the student’s condition; however, I am hopeful that the student’s injuries are minor in nature.

This is an important reminder to all drivers that we must be aware of our surroundings and extremely careful when driving near a school zone.  I cannot express this point more emphatically.  In addition to the hundreds of students crossing streets near Edison School each morning, the winter sun shines directly down streets like Westfield and Rahway Avenues.   The sun’s position during morning drop off times can be blinding. 

We will continue to educate our students about the importance of crossing at designated locations and looking both ways before crossing any street.  I implore you to be careful while driving around our schools each morning, and please join me in wishing our injured student the absolute best.


Matt Bolton


  1. Glad student is okay....but come on, this is clearly the mayor's fault. :-)

  2. Mayor Skibitsky is out of town and at the League of Municipalities in Atlantic City. Clearly, he can't be blamed.