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Sunday, February 08, 2015

TFoTM Sunday Morning Funny Pages

     As reported in the news, Brian Williams, the anchor of NBC Nightly News, apologized for embellishing an erroneous story, a story he categorized as a conflation of memories from his own coverage of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
     Williams has something in common with Westfield Police Chief Dave Wayman and Mayor Andy Skibitsky, they each have a tendency to "mis-remember" and "conflate."
     If you haven't already heard, Williams has announced he will step down from his position at NBC after fabricating and embellishing his involvement in a wartime helicopter flight that took on enemy fire.    
If only Wayman and Skibitsky would follow Williams' lead.


Chief Wayman really was at the Super Bowl, an "opportunity of a lifetime." 


  1. Have you been able to connect the Chief and Mayor to Danny Kelly's death yet?

  2. Mayor Skibitsky has reduced the police and fire department staffing levels during his tenure and Police Chief Wayman is "licking his chops" at the thought of becoming the head of both the fire and police departments (a public safety director of sorts.)
    I'll consider your comment a sick and disrespectful attempt to capitalize on the untimely misfortune of Chief Kelly's passing.

    1. Our FMBA will fight that to the bitter end.

  3. Another cheap shot and "misreporting" by Kasko. Williams voluntarily said he'd take the next few days off.

    1. Sure...what's in the details. Do us a favor at the WFD...keep out of our business Kasko, you're an embarrassment to service and don't want to be associated with you.

    2. This site is not interested in the business of the WFD unless it involves the corruption, mismanagement, and wasteful spending of Gildea's administration.
      In fact, this site has supported the honest and dedicated men of the WPD and WFD since it was established in 2010.
      Those officers of the WPD that are corrupt don't deserve favor. Any business conducted with my tax dollars is my business and that of all tax paying residents.
      You're opinion of my service is of no matter and I can assure you my association with your co-workers is mutual.
      I do understand your need to deflect from the information provided here by attacking me personally, that's okay
      Thank you for your continued interest in this site.

    3. Days? More like 6 months.

  4. Williams is stepping down. Who cares whether it's for a couple days or not. The guy's career is in the toilet.
    BTW, I got a laugh out of the Superbowl picture. Wayman has been a self promoter his whole career.
    Guys at the PD know the truth even though the mayor has to present him to the public as a competent department head, behind closed doors the chief is the butt of many jokes.
    For those of you that think the stories on this site are far from the truth, think again. As an employee of the town, I see this stuff going on, on a daily basis.
    I don't always agree with how some info is posted on this site, but 99.9999% of it is true.

  5. Wayman is the modern day Beetle Bailey.

  6. Any news on promotions?

  7. Beetle Bailey, NO perhaps Tweedle Dum or Baby Huey