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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Police & Politics......Who Authorized the WPD to Ignore Town Code Enforcement

     During last night's Westfield Town Council meeting, Mayor Skibitsky was asked who directed the Westfield Police Department to ignore enforcing Westfield Town Code Violation 14-12A concerning the use of generators during prohibited hours.
     Mayor Skibitsky did not answer the question but town attorney Russell Finestein addressed the council.
     While Finestein did not answer the question of who directed the police to ignore the town code ordinance with respect to complaints about generator use at Kehler Stadium during prohibited hours, Mr. Finestein attempted to deflect and divert attention to a state statute that he believes supersedes town code in allowing the generator usage.
     The town attorney may advise a client, in this case the Town of Westfield, of his opinion.  However, it is the duty of the police to enforce a complainant's town code violation, by a neighboring land owner, regardless of an opinion.
     It is the court, the judicial system, that interprets the law and renders a ruling/decision, not civilian government.  While R. Finestein might be correct in his opinion, it does not excuse the Westfield Police from enforcing a Town Code violation that should be adjudicated in a court of law and not in the office of a civilian town official.
     When the town attorney was asked if he had instructed the police to ignore the town code ordinance, he remained silent.  TFoTM does not suggest that R. Finestein instructed the police to ignore enforcing a town code violation.
     However, it is ironic that Town Administrator Jim Gildea, seated next to R. Finestein in the front row of council chambers, remained silent as well, but his face began to resemble the color of a ripe tomato.
     So TFoTM asks Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea ......."Jim, did you instruct the Westfield Police to ignore Town Code 14-12 that will allow the Westfield Soccer Association to run generators on Westfield Board of Education property also known as Kehler Stadium?  In the words of a retired police captain......."Come clean Jim."
Keep in mind that Westfield police personnel have indicated that this is "The Town and the Board of Education" when explaining why the police won't enforce Town Code violation 14-12.

To be continued not only here, at The Fact of The Matter, but also in court.


  1. It wouldn't be the first time he abused his position

  2. This is only the beginning of the Westfield soccer Association freeloading off the backs of the tax payers.

  3. Westfield needs to be put under "martial law" or something equivalent. This is ridiculous!! I can't believe the government isnt all over this PD.