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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Westfield Police Chief Wayman Violates Motor Vehicle Law

     Westfield Police Chief David Wayman has the luxury of the free use of a town owned vehicle 24 hours a day.  His "company" vehicle, an SUV, is paid for by the Westfield taxpayers including costs for maintenance and repairs, insurance, vehicle registration, and fuel. This "freebie" is worth thousands of dollars a year in savings for Chief Wayman.
     While Wayman primarily drives his "company" vehicle, he does utilize his own personal pickup truck to haul debris to the town dump but refuses to have the vehicle inspected as per state statute.
     The inspection sticker displayed in the windshield of Chief Wayman's personal pickup truck expired years ago while he continues to encourage his own subordinates in the police department to enforce this NJ motor vehicle statute during their patrol duties.
     It appears that Westfield Police Chief David Wayman is "above the law" while preaching "Do as I say and not as I do."


39:8-1 - Motor vehicle inspections

39:8-1. a. Every motor vehicle registered in this State which is used over any public road, street, or highway or any public or quasi-public property in this State, and every vehicle subject to enhanced inspection and maintenance programs pursuant to 40 C.F.R. s.51.356, except motorcycles, historic motor vehicles registered as such, collector motor vehicles designated as such pursuant to this subsection, and those vehicles over 8,500 pounds gross weight that are under the inspection jurisdiction of the commission pursuant to Titles 27 and 48 of the Revised Statutes, shall be inspected by designated inspectors or at official inspection facilities to be designated by the commission or at licensed private inspection facilities.  Passenger automobiles registered in accordance with R.S.39:3-4 or R.S.39:3-27 and noncommercial trucks registered in accordance with section 2 of P.L.1968, c.439 (C.39:3-8.1) or R.S.39:3-27 inspected pursuant to this section shall only be inspected for emissions and emission-related items such as emission control equipment and on-board diagnostics.  The commission shall adopt rules and regulations establishing a procedure for the designation of motor vehicles as collector motor vehicles, which designation shall include consideration by the commission of one or more of the following factors: the age of the vehicle, the number of such vehicles originally manufactured, the number of such vehicles that are currently in use, the total number of miles the vehicle has been driven, the number of miles the vehicle has been driven during the previous year or other period of time determined by the commission, and whether the vehicle has a collector classification for insurance purposes.


  1. thats nothing new...when he had his jeep that was never inspected

  2. Does he park on public property? If so, where? I would definately call the local PD and insist it be ticketed. If they did not want to do so, I would snap a picture and send it to the Star Ledger.

  3. It's parked at police headquarters on the weekend sometimes.

  4. What color? If I see it there, I will make an issue out of it.

  5. Just another example of his arrogance.

  6. I saw it over the weekend and it's still expired.

  7. How about Daveys numerous criminal acts and civil rights violations he has committed over the years, how come that doesn't get press?

  8. I remember when TT would walk the lot and check on the stickers...also had to show your license from time to time

  9. has the Almighty One gotten his truck inspected or does he continue to think he is above the law?