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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Westfield Republicans Ride Voter Apathy To Victory

     With voter turnout at the polling booth for Tuesday's local municipal elections hovering around 34.75% of all registered voters in Westfield, the Republican Party commandeered town council seats once again.
     Low voter turnout coupled with town council elections taking place in non-presidential election years continues to guarantee candidates of the Republican Party, victory.
     This is no coincidence.  Recent census and federal elections results have proven that Westfield has more registered Democrats than Republicans but also boasts an even greater number of those registered as "Unaffiliated".   In recent POTUS elections, the Democrat candidate has received more Westfield votes than the Republican candidate.
     It's no secret that the Westfield Republican Party would rather hold Town Council elections in years that voters are not voting for a new President.
     Once again, low voter turnout and non-presidential voting years have been the Westfield Republican Party's best friend as they currently maintain every town council seat.

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