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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide.....Public Bidding Compromised by "Wheeling & Dealing"

Emergency Mobile Command Center
     There is no question when the Westfield Police department's emergency mobile command center arrived in Westfield. 
     Months after police chief David Wayman and Captain Christopher Battiloro met with Robert Mount of Power Innovations of Utah (the manufacturer of the mobile command center), and months before the Westfield town council voted on a resolution authorizing the purchase of the emergency equipment, the mobile command center arrived.  Westfield eventually advertised in a local newspaper that potential bidders could pick up specifications in the town clerk's office on what Westfield was looking to have built. The emergency mobile command center and its attendant vehicle were hidden in Sevell's Auto Body garage on South Ave. during the façade of a bidding process. 
     TFoTM obtained and posted the photos of the hidden vehicles, here at The Fact of The Matter.  The photos clearly show WPD markings on the vehicles months before the public bidding process began.  The vehicles were being hidden from the public eye.  
Mayor Andrew Skibitsky
     TFoTM recently obtained information from a source close to members of the Westfield town council that Mayor Andy Skibitsky, other members of the town council, and Westfield town administrator Jim Gildea had knowledge of the intent of Power Innovations of Utah, the company that sold Westfield the emergency mobile command center during a questionable "smoke & mirrors" public bidding process, to discount the purchase price of the command center in return for Westfield agreeing to showcase the command center at exhibitions.
     Mayor Skibitsky refused to answer questions regarding this agreement when asked numerous times during town council meetings in 2014. 
     It is clear now why Mayor Skibitsky and other town officials refused to address the questions.  To admit that an agreement was discussed long before a public bidding process, town officials would be subject to accusations of collusion and circumventing a fair and public bidding process that is supposed to allow fair and competitive bidding of services being sought.
Town Admin. Jim Gildea
Police Chief Dave Wayman
     TFoTM is nearing the completion of an almost 2 year long investigation into the purchase of the emergency mobile command center.  By obtaining documents, photos, and statements, that will ultimately provide a timeline piecing together the questionable and alleged tainted bidding process that brought the $300,000 emergency mobile command center to Westfield's police department, TFoTM seeks to hold Westfield's public officials, that had knowledge of the "backroom wheeling and dealing," accountable.


  1. Give it a rest already - your obsession with WPD, Wayman and the command center can't be healthy. Take a step back and look at yourself.

    "TFoTM is nearing the completion of an almost 2 year long investigation into the purchase of the emergency mobile command center."

    You've wasted 2 years of your life with this obsession of the command center. This post is just a repeat of stuff you've already said.

    Go enjoy your "retirement" that the town gifted you.

    1. My health has never been better. In the two years since the process to aquire the emergency mobile command center has been questioned, TFoTM has patiently waited for additional information to be uncovered through OPRA requests and other available sources of information. This post may seem like a repeat to you but new information received from a source close to town officials has provided addition insight into the questionable bidding process and why Mayor Skibitsky and other town officials remain silent on the matter. I will continue to enjoy my retirement that was earned and engage in hobbies that interest me and are an asset to my community. Holding town officials accountable for their actions is just one of those hobbies as well as volunteering my time and raising awareness on a variety of issues. Thank you for your comment.

  2. @Anonymous. Sometimes it takes time for documents/details to unfold. I, for one, appreciate TFOTM's patience and commitment that seems to be required to collect the bits and pieces for this one. Keep up the good work TFOTM!

  3. Excellent job GK, you always wrote a great factual, detailed and well investigated report while you were active with WPD and you continue to do a stellar well researched job on your site. The most honorable acts you can do is keep telling the truth about the Waymans of the world.

  4. How many vehicles does the WPD special team have? I saw a truck the other day and was wondering what on earth a town like Westfield would need a vehicle like that.

    1. An OPRA request (Open Public Records Act) was submitted asking that question. Town officials refused to disclose the requested information citing protection from revealing such information that could compromise the security and operations of the police department.
      In simple terms it means that town officials don't want taxpayers to know exactly how much of their money is being wasted on these "toys."

  5. Im sorry, is this westfield or Camden? Westfield needs military equipment, zodiacs, and a mobile command center for what? To storm multimillion dollar homes and a thriving downtown? Then on top of it You have some half-baked idiot in charge of the military equipment. J. Rodger? Right? Did he even serve an honorable day in his life? I guess in jays mind he is fufilling his FBI, CIA, special ops fantasies on the tax-payers dollars. He can't spell, or act appropriate. Like I said before- Westfield needs to be put under martial law. Fumigate and start anew.

  6. Howdy Doody meets the call of duty.