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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky's "Snow Job"

     At Tuesday night's town council meeting, Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky thanked municipal workers for their efforts cleaning up after the weekend blizzard that left 24 inches of snow blanketing the town.
     While briefing residents on the preparations that took place before the storm, Mayor Skibitsky's thanked his police chief for acquiring military surplus vehicles that assisted in patrol duties during the storm.  Skibitsky claims the vehicles were acquired "At no cost."
     These vehicles include a troop transport vehicle, bulldozer, military Humvees, two zodiac boats, an industrial size crane, industrial size snow thrower, and other surplus military equipment from the federal government.
     For Mayor Skibitsky's to make a statement that these vehicles were were acquired "At no cost," he is once again lying to the taxpayers.  While the weekend blizzard may have reduced visibility, we can see right through Mayor Skibitsky's "Snow Job" by claiming the town acquired the military surplus vehicles "At no cost."
     A town employee, familiar with the acquisition of the surplus military equipment stated, "Total waste of taxpayer money, aside from the Humvees, the equipment is unnecessary."

Merrimack-Webster Definition: Snow Job
A strong effort to make someone believe something by saying things that are not true or sincere.


  1. Costs include overtime of officers to go pick up the vehicles or transport costs to have the vehicles shipped, overnight hotel stays for those officers, lettering/painting black and white, repairs since most need work done right away. It was certainly not "at no cost" to the taxpayers.

  2. Was that huge snowthrower that sits in the Conservation Center actually used to blow any snow in this huge storm? If it was not used in this blizzard, it will never be used.

  3. No cost? How much do they cost to insure?????????

  4. Who pays for the fuel? What are we paying for storage? May not be cash!

  5. I know this is an irrelevant comment to this post but, are you working on anything new? I remember in previous posts potholes being an issue and reading about the purchase of new repair equipment. The potholes in town are getting worse with repairs lasting a few days. Drive on Rahway Ave for an example.

    1. The answer to your first question about working on anything new......yes.
      To reveal any information would allow the town to prepare a formulated response since they monitor this site.
      Catching them off guard exposes their lack of transparency when they remain silent in their attempt to deflect.
      Patience is a virtue.

    2. TFoTM will follow up on the pothole issue. The DPW appears to be running more efficiently since the superintendent was replaced.

  6. In The quoted words of GM " is that his mother or his wife"