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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

When Egos Clash, Towns Pay Cash

It happened in Westfield, it's happening in Rahway.  
      A news article appearing online yesterday chronicles what has led to a lawsuit in Rahway, N.J.  A federal lawsuit has been filed by Thomas Lewis, the athletic director of Rahway H.S. and member of the Clark Board of Education.     See the link below for details of what led to the lawsuit that names Rahway Police Chief John Rodger as a defendant.  Chief Rodger is the brother of Westfield Police Captain Scott Rodger and Westfield Police Lieutenant Jason Rodger.
     The name "Rodger" is no stranger to controversy in Union County police circles, more Westfield.
     The $1 million dollar settlement paid out to the Rolnick family of Westfield after police violated arrest, search, and seizure laws involved another Rodger.......Westfield Police Lieutenant Jason Rodger.  Jason Rodger was the supervisor on scene at the Rolnick residence the night police made the fateful costly arrests.
     Lt. Rodger, a sergeant at the time of the Rolnick arrests, was recently promoted despite some of his past departmental violations and his involvement as a defendant in the recent settlement by Westfield, with the Rolnicks, ultimately costing taxpayers.
     Most notably, Jason Rodger initiated an arrest that resulted in disciplinary action against him after he lied about the circumstances surrounding a motor vehicle stop on South Ave. in Westfield.  The driver of the motor vehicle stopped by J. Rodger was being driven by the son of a prominent Westfield attorney that worked alongside NJ Governor Christie Whitman's staff.  Current Westfield police Captain Chris Battiloro was Rodger's back-up officer that night.  There were many questions surrounding the motor vehicle stop and the alleged violation of the driver's 4th Amendment rights protecting him from unlawful arrest, search, and seizure.
Lt. Jason Rodger on right
Capt. Scott Rodger 2nd from right

     On April 17, 2011, during municipal court proceedings stemming from the Rolnick arrests, it's been alleged that a Westfield police officer yelled at Austin Rolnick, "Get over here you rich fuck!" and then "Get the hell over here you spoiled fuck!" when officers were attempting to make an arrest.
Rahway Police Chief John Rodger
     Court testimony revealed that Westfield police officer, Jason Rodger was one of 2 officers that attempted to place Austin Rolnick into the rear of a police vehicle after his arrest.  A source familiar with the case suggested Jason Rodger as the officer involved in the name calling of Austin Rolnick.  Lt. Jason Rodger has previously displayed his bias towards Westfield residents often calling them "Wally," a term used by some Westfield police officers to describe residents of the affluent town.
     The municipal court judge hearing the case stated, "The Police made a fundamental error."  "The credibility of events is touching."
     The federal lawsuit naming Rahway Police Chief John Rodger as a defendant is not surprising if you consider the alleged bias and retaliatory accusations made by the defendant. 
     When egos clash, the right decision is often clouded by a superiority complex that can cause "fundamental errors in judgement."  The credibility of events as described by police in the Rahway case are as questionable as they are in the Westfield case.....both cases involving an officer named Rodger and the protections against unlawful arrest, search, and seizure.



  1. Jason,John,and Scott all has the same problem growing up....they were all picked on. Now they have badges and guns....We all now how that plays out.

  2. How can Jason Rodger ever serve as a state witness having lied about the car stop on South Ave.? Ant attorney could question his credibility.

  3. How about the chief, Wayman, and his buddy John Rowe and all the times they lied to get search warrants signed by a superior court judge?

  4. Some women came forward claiming jason Rodgers was stalking her years ago and that never came out publicly. She described his silver jeep and wife and was immediately dismissed by batterio n wayman.

    1. Provide a name of "some woman" and it will be checked out.

    2. Is there a way i can provide it confidentially?

    3. You can email to

  5. Some women came forward years ago. Claiming Jason Rodgers was stalking her another situation swept under the carpet by Westfields finest.

  6. I heard about this. She alleged more then stalking. She said he was harrassing her and thought he was utilizing spy-gear to gleen info,and humiliate her.