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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Westfield Police Department Patrols Hoboken: Emergency Mobile Command Center

     The Westfield Police Department's emergency mobile command center is in Hoboken, N.J. today for that city's St. Patrick's celebration at a cost to the Westfield taxpayer that Mayor Andy Skibitsky refuses to divulge.
      Drink up and be merry on the backs of the Westfield taxpayer.  Maybe Mayor Skibitsky and his police chief Dave Wayman have been compensated with a free "All Access" pass.

Official Hoboken LepreCon St Patrick's Day 2016

Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

Keep the tradition going strong! That's exactly what we're here to do. The phenomenon that takes hold of Hoboken every single March is quickly approaching. Not only is the weather going to get a little warmer, it is the perfect way to get the party started for St Patrick's Day - a real pre - St. Paddy's day event! The first Saturday of March is a special day in Hoboken, NJ. Not only do all of the great bars and venues in Hoboken collaborate on a star-studded event, this year the "All Access Pass" is the one package you'll need in order to spend the entire day in excitement. Join us this Saturday March 5 during our annual St. Paddy's Celebration as Hoboken unites in solidarity to offer a great package for those who wish to celebrate in style and tradition. It's been a long winter and at, we're definitely ready for the spring to come and the St. Patrick's Day festivities to get under way.
All of the hottest bars in Hoboken will be flooded for this year's annual Saint Paddy's Celebration – so make sure you're ready! With the "All Access Pass" package, you'll be able to visit the best route of venues throughout the entire day. The times might surprise you - starting at 10AM? Yep! That's what Hoboken and the first Saturday in March is famous for. Keep the tradition going strong and make sure to get up early and support the Hoboken community during the great holiday of St. Patrick's Day. This is what it's all about - fun in the streets, socializing with your closest friends, and rejoicing in celebration. You've probably been to Hoboken before but you might not be prepared for the festivities that take place on the streets of Hoboken during this joyous occasion. Gather your friends and come out to enjoy a full day of partying and revel with the ultimate party experience in Hoboken, the St Paddy's All Access Pass!
With the "All Access Pass", you register at the location that you choose (your starting point). You'll receive a wristband, entitling you to reduced admission to all of the participating venues. Each guest only needs 1 All Access Pass in order to participate in the event. You will also receive a full map of Hoboken's best venues to visit during the day. Over 20 venues are participating in this year's Hoboken St Patrick's Day Celebration!
Last Year's Participating Venues Included: Mills Tavern, Biggies, Hoboken Bar & Grill, Tally Ho, Texas Arizona, Reign, Cadillac Cantina, Arthur's Tavern, The Shannon, Room 84, Scotland Yard, Green Rock, Northern Soul, 1Republik, Havana Cafe, Hotel Victor, The Brass Rail, Black Bear Bar, Trinity Bar, Mikie Squared Bar, Village Pourhouse, and more! 
House of Que Line-Up: 9AM - 12PM featuring Whiskey Fuel, 6PM - 9PM Dueling Pianos, 9PM - UFC McGregor Fight, LIVE Music all day long
For more information, please visit
* All Sales are final. No refunds *


  1. The pass is a guarantee that Chief will be driving drunk as usual, keep an eye out its only a matter of time before he crashes, in more then one way. I wish the tax payers would take their time and listen to that ignorant racist and run him out of town.

  2. He loves to frequent the new Applebee's in Clark to tie one on.

  3. Look like Westfield's "elite" couldn't protect a cop from getting hi ribs busted in an altercation with a bar patron.

  4. Elite....................LMFAO