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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Westfield Leader Newspaper "Editor's Note"...a Contradiction

     The following Letter to the Editor of the Westfield Leader newspaper appears in this week's edition.  The "Editor's Note" at the bottom is a contradiction of sorts in that the newspaper HAS altered its reporter's news reporting.......just ask a reporter at the Westfield Leader.  
     A Westfield Leader reporter confirmed, to TFoTM, that a story has been altered after its submission for print.
     The Westfield Leader also creates it's own titles for letters submitted to the editor which don't always reflect that which the author has written.

Are Leader Reporters Biased on ‘Cap’ Bank’?
I smiled recently when I read two Westfield Leader reporters’ articles on the Westfield and Garwood Coun- cils, both voting to establish “cap banks” as part of their budgetary ac- tions.
When reporter Christina Hinke re- ported Westfield’s action, she de- scribed it as “utilizing an accounting measure that could ease budget re- strictions in the next three years.” When reporter Brian Trusdell re- ported on Garwood’s action, he de- scribed it as “essentially granting the borough council permission to use an accounting measure in coming years to evade state limits on budget expen- ditures.”
Wow! Same actions, two different value descriptions. It’s of further in- terest because both towns use audi- tors Suplee, Clooney, who supported the bank creation in both towns and yet have it reviewed so differently in each town. Could it be that publisher Horace Corbin is suing Garwood, and therefore paints Garwood in nega- tive light whenever he can? Or maybe it’s bias of individual reporters? Just asking.
Bill Nierstedt Garwood
Editor’s Note: This newspaper never alters its reporting to promote an agenda. Mr. Nierstedt might like to read the editorial on the complex subject of “cap bank” on page 4 of the March 31 edition. 

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