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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Democrat Majority Supports Clinton in Westfield, a Town With Zero Democrats On The Town Council

     Ever wonder why the Westfield Town Council is made up of all Republicans in a town that has unofficially seen 8429 residents vote for Hillary Clinton while only 5261 voted for Donald Trump during this year's election?

     With voter turnout close to 64% in Westfield for this year's presidential election, it is an off year for town council seats to be determined........this is the Republican plan put in place during Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky's tenure.

     With town council seats being changed to 4 year terms, and elections occurring in odd numbered years, opposite the presidential election, town Republicans count on low voter turnout to secure victory.  Four town council seats are up for election in 2017 followed by 4 more in 2019.

8 Republican council members + 1 Republican mayor = partisan politics in Westfield.


  1. How else did you expect Skibitsky to hold onto his regime?

  2. this country got feed up with politicians like our mayor...
    maybe the people of Stepford, i mean Westfield .... will feel the same way come next mayoral election day

  3. Maybe it's just time for a new police chief

  4. Isn't you needed a new during Barney's rein of terror

  5. I used to agree, but when I look at neighboring towns such as Garwood and Scotch Plains and see the bickering and political backstabbing that goes on there I think perhaps we in Westfield are in a better situation.