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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Westfield Police Issue Tickets Warning Vehicle Owners of New Parking Ordinance

     Today's snowstorm exceeded the 3" that allows the Westfield Police Department to enforce Mayor Skibitsky's new town ordinance requiring all motor vehicles to be removed from Westfield's roadways so that the department of public works can plow residential streets from curb to curb.
     The town ordinance was passed by the Westfield town council despite the fact that there are many residents that do not have access to off street parking.  Those living in apartments, 2-family homes without driveway access, and others visiting friends or family overnight don't have the luxury of a garage, driveway, or parking lot to park their car overnight.
     The police were out issuing tickets warning vehicle owners to move their vehicles.  See pictures below.  (Westfield Ave. across from Holy Trinity Church)
     Did you receive a fine?  Or, were you lucky enough to receive a warning from Officer Friendly?
     If only Mayor Skibitsky would instruct his police department to enforce the snow shoveling town ordinance that has been on the books for decades.  Or, maybe enforce the minimum distance between downtown sidewalk cafe tables/chairs and the curb so that pedestrians can pass by safely during the outdoor dining season.
     On second thought, forget the sidewalk cafe ordinance for now, Punxsutawney Phil says we should expect 6 more weeks of winter-like weather.


  1. What a waste of resources all together. The township of westfield should be embarrassed.

    Who printed these "tickets"?

    Who paid for these "tickets"?

    How many "tickets" were issued?

    Why were these "tickets" used/issued, when the WPD message boards could have relayed the same message (similar to the click it or ticket campaign)

  2. If anyone got a ticket with a fine and reads this story, screen shot the pictures of the warning ticket on that car and ask why some got tickets with a fine and some got warnings. The court would have a hard time finding a person quilts when others got a warning.

  3. Many residents are praising the new ordinance (on the Facebook Westfield, NJ group) saying that their streets finally got plowed fully. It doesn't sound like everyone thinks it's a bad ordinance.

    1. Agree.
      However, when kids are forced to walk in the street on Rahway Ave., between Shackamaxon and Dorian Rd., because Stoneleigh Park homeowners don't shovel their sidewalks on Rahway Ave., that is a safety hazard in need of enforcement before any vehicle gets a warning or ticket for parking on a street with 3 inches of snow.
      The Mayor is constantly preaching pedestrian safety, time to walk the walk.

  4. Agree with the fact that residents on Stoneleigh don't shovel, haven't in a number of years. The Armory doesn't shovel either!

    I do like the no parking so they can clear the streets but agree the town then needs to open up a lot for the apartment dwellers.

  5. Chief Wayman, will you be giving your girlfriend some roses today? She could put them on her desk just outside your office.

  6. He probably down at Applebee's in Clark getting his drink on and grabbing waitresses

  7. how many humvees does the town of westfield have now?

  8. Nothing better to worry about Zod you are an idiot


  9. Dear Zod I want you to know that I am not afraid of you, never have been, never will be. You will run out the back door like your mentor. when the perp walk happens, I am hiring a party bus and throwing a party in your honor.

  10. Motion to accept?

  11. If anyone wants to be on the bus let me know

  12. Today is the anniversary of when Lt. McErlean whipped out his pecker at the Polar Bear Plunge in a drunken stupor. I wonder if he will do it again today.

  13. Ohhhh lord. This can't be true

  14. 1-2-2018, we had 2 warnings on our car. the cars were parked on our lawn next to the street. they put them on both cars, despite it being the next day, when the roads were plowed already. meanwhile they didn't bother to plow it during the storm, and a fedex truck struggled for like 20 min getting through the snow.

    i can't tell why we got them, considering it was on our lawn and it didn't matter any more. we got it the next day, and this is the first time we got it, and this has always been the spot we parked on.