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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Mayor Skibitsky Approves Westfield Police Patrol at Hoboken LepreCon Pub Crawl

     It has become an annual ritual.......not just Hoboken's LepreCon pub crawl and the drunken mayhem that takes place during the pre-St. Patrick's Day event, but the Westfield police department sending manpower and equipment to the Hudson County city at the expense of the Westfield taxpayers.
     Westfield town councilman Frank Arena once tried to justify this waste of Westfield resources, and burden on the Westfield taxpayer, as a "shared service" agreement between Westfield and Hoboken.  
     There is no shared service agreement between Westfield and Hoboken that appears on the New Jersey League of Municipalities website........there isn't one.  
     Instead, disgraced former Westfield parking director John Morgan, who has been appointed by Mayor Skibitsky to be Westfield's delegate to the Union County Transportation Advisory Board, has allegedly been the  liaison between Westfield and Hoboken.  Morgan is now Hoboken's transportation and parking director.  It seems as though backroom wheeling and dealing, handshakes, and questionable negotiations regarding the acquisition and usage of the mobile command center are commonplace within Skibitsky's administration.  
     Whether it's a street fair in another city, a trade show in another state, or any other non-emergency event outside Westfield's borders, Westfield taxpayers continue to finance the emergency mobile command centers usage, even when it leaves Westfield.
     Just another waste of tax dollars by an administration that has no regrets when it comes to wasteful spending.

 Westfield police department vehicles parked in Hoboken, NJ

Westfield Emergency Mobile Command Center


  1. I could understand the sending the equipment and personal to another town in Union County to assist. But to send it two counties away is unbelievable. Has Mr.Mayor given any thought to the liability he has opened up the taxpayers to? God forbid someone gets hurt will they be covered? I guess Hudson County doesn't want to get involved

  2. Perhaps the Westfield Leader could put a story about this continued misuse of Westfield assets, maybe even on the front page so that Westfield taxpayers could be made aware of this. Or would that transgression reduce the Corbin's cocktail party invites ?

  3. That will never happen. .they don't want to rock the boat

  4. The Leader relies on advertising fees from the town for all the public notices posted in the newspaper. Once Christie gets his way and gets rid of the requirement that these notices must be published in the paper, and allows them to be posted online only, a big chunk of the Leader's weekly income will disappear.

  5. Maybe then they will be able to get a sporting event article on 1 page instead of 3 ! What a PITA is is to have to go to 3 different pages to read about a football/basketball/baseball game. And whatever happened to reporting about the JV games, and forget about Little League results.

  6. Guess the Zod squad is done

  7. Did the Westfield Leader buy the bullshit about Morgan retirement

  8. Well guess the reign of terror might be coming to an end. Davy lost his rabbi in Hoboken when Morgan couldn't keep his hand to himself or keep his big mouth shut. Hoboken is getting a new mayor. Well Davy enjoy your retirement and when you do your resume don't forget to put in it how you got thrown out of the police academy got in a jam at the FBI academy the numerous civil rights violations you committed. Under the section that asks for traits incude:
    I am sure there is more and anyone can add to the list feel free