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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Former Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky Makes First Court Appearance


     Former Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky appeared in Cranford Municipal Court yesterday along with current Westfield Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan and one of his sons......both are listed as witnesses.
     Yesterday was the first appearance for a charge Andy Skibitsky filed against a Westfield resident for harassment leading up to last year's mayoral election.
     The harassment charge stems from a claim made by JoAnn Neylan, that a Windsor Ave. resident made a threat aimed at then Mayor Skibitsky, even though Skibitsky wasn't present at the time the words and a gesture were allegedly made.
     The words and perceived threat occurred weeks before November's election but the harassment charge wasn't filed by Skibitsky until the day after Skibitsky's landslide election loss.
     Stay tuned.........


  1. Bye Andy enjoy probation

  2. Can you shed some light on the towns 14 million dollar plus budget surplus that I read on TAPinto Westfield

    More humvees in the future?

    Or perhaps remodel the corner office?

  3. Does anyone know who is paying for the office renovation and new furniture for the new mayor?

    1. Probably the same people that pay for the renovations to the town administrators office, the police chief’s office, police headquarters including dispatch area, supervisors office, detective bureau, etc., renovations to the DPW, and the list continues.
      Probably the same people that paid for Mayor Skibitsky’s painted portrait. The taxpayers.