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Thursday, September 27, 2018

When Discipline Becomes Excessive, Vindictive, and Retaliatory

In any para military organization, discipline is necessary to keep order and remind those committing offenses that they are going to be held accountable for their actions.  Discipline must be firm but also fair, not excessive or retaliatory in nature.

In a police department, the police chief is responsible for determining the officers penalties resulting from a departmental infraction(s).  Criminal offenses are forwarded to the appropriate authority for investigation, usually landing in the lap of a county prosecutor or state attorney general.

The rank and file of the Westfield Police Department is breathing a sigh of relief with the recent removal of ex-police chief David Wayman.

Wayman’s forced resignation on  August 1, 2018 after a Union County Prosecutor’s office investigation into his alleged misconduct has changed the atmosphere in the basement of 425 E. Broad Street where the police department is housed.

Under Wayman’s command, officers were subjected to punitive punishment in excess of what would be deemed firm and fair, including loss of vacation time, suspensions, removal from access to overtime, monetary fines, demotion in rank, and termination from employment.

Many officers questioned why Wayman, who was involved in numerous departmental infractions and alleged criminal behavior, could sit in judgement of anyone.  Fortunately, for Wayman, he was protected during his years as a corrupt police officer, by disgraced police chief Bernard Tracy who would eventually resign from the police department mired in his own scandals.

What discipline did David Wayman receive for having his department issued firearm stolen and used in the commission of a crime while he was entertaining himself in a Route 22 Go-Go bar.
What discipline did David Wayman receive for leaving the town of Westfield without permission while on patrol duty?
What discipline did David Wayman receive when he berated and harassed a cadet at the police academy?
What discipline did David Wayman receive for berating and harassing another police officer, who signed a criminal complaint against him, which if found guilty he would’ve been forced to forfeit his job? Despite the criminal complaint being withdrawn, what departmental discipline did he face?
What discipline did David Wayman face when he was involved in the hit & run accident at the Westfield conservation center?
What discipline or criminal charges will David Wayman face due to matters pending?

The list of Wayman’s alleged misconduct and past transgressions in the line of duty is lengthy.


  1. Ironic. The most out of control people are the harshest disciplinarians.

  2. Wayman was all about “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  3. Will someone please explain how the mayor, town council, town attorney, and town administrator allowed this guy to continue as a police officer when they knew about the earliest onset of his shenanigans?