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Monday, October 15, 2018

Corrupt Westfield Police Chief Collects Lump Sum Check

Corrupt Westfield Police Chief David Wayman abruptly resigned on August 1, 2018.  Wayman was the target of a Union County Prosecutor’s office investigation into alleged misconduct.  (See previous TFOTM coverage)

A $26,047.32 payment was made to the disgraced police chief 12 days after his resignation.......there’s a pot of gold at the end of the WPD rainbow and Wayman cashed in.

Town officials had previously confirmed Wayman received no payout for accrued sick time.


  1. Did anyone, for even 1 second, doubt he would get paid? Silly cops - you always get your payout and pension no matter what you do. Its one of the most protected and defended perks of employment known to man. The reputation police in NJ have stems exactly and directly from incidents like this - no matter how egregious your behavior, how illegal, how morally corrupt - you still have that publicly funded parachute to break the fall from grace. Look at Edison PD and the circus that those officers created. They ALL got all their pensions and sicktime payouts.....

  2. Just goes to show you that an uneducated arrogant womanizing narcicist can make more money than a POTUS cabinet appointee.

  3. I'm not sticking up for Driver 2, but what was the $26000 figure for. It could be his unused vacation time and not his accumulated sick time ? The print on the ADP statement is too small to read.

  4. So what was driver 2’s penalty or disciplinary action for lying about the hit and run accident?
    Town should’ve docked his vacation payout. What a joke.

  5. When Wayman got caught lying about the car accident did he ever think he would be fired? Does he miss his lunch dates with his sexatary?

  6. Why is Lugo the Liar still employed? Why is he in charge of a day shift platoon? Why hasn’t he been suspended or fired? How are we supposed to take orders from Leo the Liar knowing he lied about Driver 2’s hit & run accident?

  7. His dilemma ain’t over yet. My money is on the canary.

  8. Since when is someone else’s ADP payroll record given to anyone but the individual? Since when does this page become public know,edge? I can see having access to public information about salaries, but whoever gave you this should not be trusted with handling anyone’s payroll.

    1. Public employee, public record obtained via OPRA (Open Public Record Request)

  9. Driver 2 ain’t out of the woods just yet.