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Friday, November 02, 2018

WPD Awards Officers

The Westfield police department honored its members at an awards ceremony that usually takes place each year.  
Last night’s awards ceremony was the first since 2013 and the first since disgraced Westfield police chief David Wayman was forced to resign after a Union County Prosecutor’s office investigation into his hit & run accident.  The accident coverup was exposed by TFoTM. 
Wayman’s neglect in acknowledging the rank and file, and their accomplishments, comes as no surprise to those that have worked with him over the years. 
Under the department’s new leadership, “Acting” police chief Chris Battiloro has given members of the WPD a reason to look forward to a positive future. 
An officer that wishes to remain anonymous stated, “Eveyone is smiling and upbeat around here ever since Wayman left.”
TFoTM congratulates the WPD award winners on a job well done!


  1. Tfotm deserves an award for the investigative journalism that exposed Wayman’s antics.
    Thank you The fact of the Matter

  2. Do Lyin’ Lugo get an award for biggest liar of the year?

  3. Right after your award for excellence in grammar and strong command of persuasive writing.

  4. There’s the Oscar, Tony, and Grammy. Wayman gets the “Ego”

  5. Someone told me Dave eats patrolmen.

  6. Not a lot of diversity here. Lots of white men and very few women and people of color.