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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Westfield Police Widow & Mayor Shelley Brindle Interviewed by Eyewitness News

Tap on internet link to view video.


  1. Tammy is trying to game the system by gaining sympathy to feed her greed.

  2. It's amazing how stories can get spun to garner sympathy for someone that deserves none. She deserves nothing! Where were the current photos in the news piece??? Oh, there are none, except for Detective Lieberman's tombstone. This is a such a disgrace.

  3. The older I get, the more skeptical I get about what I read/see in the media. More often than not, there is much more to a story than what reporters show us, after spending limited time, and effort, researching, and then writing, about a story. I'm thankful for TFOTM in going "beyond the reported story" for many issues in Westfield (such as this one in TFOTM, as compared to this ABC7 video that will be seen by many more people than will read about it in TFOTM). But I'm also fearful for how much news is reported at Federal, National, State levels without similar TFOTM coverage. Thanks TFOTM for what you've been doing for our town. -NR9.

  4. As i see it this issue is bigger than a "Tammy" and "Lieberman Family" issue, Eric's death did reveal a loophole in the PBA contract. A Westfield Police or Fire Dept Member that completes 25 years of service but decides not to retire and dies before retiring, the surviving spouse and dependents should be able to reap the SAME benefits had that Officer/Firefighter actually retired, meaning they should be able to stay on the same health plan and NOT go through COBRA which is limited to 3 years of coverage.
    As "Tap into Westfield" pointed out in a recent article the Clark Police have the following wording in their contract: “In the event an employee, who has completed at least 25 years of service is either killed in the line-of-duty or dies prior to retirement, the employer shall provide the employee’s spouse and dependents with the same health/hospitalization benefits as those which would have been provided had the employee retired,” As I said this is bigger than the Lieberman Family because this could effect anyone who does more than 25 years and dies before retirement. That being said I believe Tammy should be able to continue on Westfield's healthcare plan and NOT COBRA, however she shouldn't get it free, she should have to pay the same amount that Eric would have been required to pay. The Westfield PBA should get the same wording that Clark Police have in their contract.

    1. A contract is a contract and lawfully enforced. Giving Tammy benefits that do not exist in the current contract for which Eric was covered under, is unfortunate And legally not binding.