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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

New Leadership at the Helm of the WPD

Last night I witnessed the swearing in of Westfield police officer Frank Padovano to the rank of Captain.

For the first time in almost 10 years, I’m convinced that the Westfield police department is headed in the right direction.

It was almost 10 years ago that I met with then Mayor Andy Skibitsky and warned him of the negative impact that promoting David Wayman to captain and eventually Westfield police chief, would have on the police department.  He didn’t want to listen to that warning.  

Last year, TFoTM exposed Wayman’s motor vehicle accident cover up, which was just the tip of the iceberg of other corruption and misconduct uncovered by the Union County Prosecutor’s office during their investigation into the WPD. 

It was an “I told you so” moment, aimed at Skibitsky and all those still on the Westfield Town Council at the time of Wayman’s swearing in to the rank of police chief in 2012.  

Newly appointed Westfield police chief Christopher Battiloro had the duty of introducing Captain Frank Padovano to a standing room only crowd last night.

Battiloro also had the honor of introducing the police department’s two new police chaplains and the reasons/need for two pillars of Westfield’s religious community to be officially sworn in as members of the police department. 

To hear Battiloro speak, was to hear an educated, articulate, and compassionate person deliver words that no chief before him could have ever strung together. 

For the first time since October of 2000, the Westfield police department’s promotional process that resulted in Battiloro ascending to the highest rank within the WPD wasn’t one of politics, handshakes, and backroom deals.  

In the past, politics had played a major role in WPD promotions including accusations of altered test scores, padded evaluations, and favoritism.  Last night was a breath of fresh air and the continued unveiling of a new and improved Westfield Police Department that residents can be assured will conduct itself in a manner where trust, integrity, and accountability, will prevail. 

The new leadership of the Westfield Police Department will effectively guide the honorable men and women, among its ranks, into the future.  

Under the direction of two educated, professional, and competent individuals, the WPD is finally in good hands. 


  1. What will happen to Leo Lugo?

  2. Who? Leo “fabricated report writer” Lugo. That’s who.

  3. Leo’s new nickname is Sgt. Fiction. He writes a great story that proves false.

  4. LYIN’ LEO !!!!!!!

  5. I used to be able to find good advice from your blog articles.

  6. When will Dave Wayman and those under his command that have fabricated evidence to obtain search warrants and file false statements in affidavits, be held accountable? Or will it be swept under the rug? If the new leadership within the department is to get off on the right foot, the remaining scum in the department needs to be purged.


  7. How can the powers that be, including the mayor, and prosecutor’s office accept the fact that Wayman punished and penalized officers punitively, taking time from them, taking money from them, demoting or reassigning them, sought to dismiss them, dismissed them from the force but yet he is allowed to skate without being punished for engaging in criminal acts?

    1. So much for the vaunted accountability, honor, and integrity.

  8. Why don’t you ask Mr. Gurbir Grewal

  9. The “new leadership” should review each disciplinary action taken by “Driver 2” against subordinates and re-evaluate each case. How can a corrupt police chief issue any discipline against an officer while he, “Driver 2” walks away unscathed from his illegal actions?

  10. There once was a chief from Westfield,
    Was fired and applied for a job,
    Port Authority, they passed
    Sea Bright they knew better,
    To hire the liar, the ass.

  11. Yes! Agree with everything you said.