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Sunday, May 06, 2018

“Hit & Run” Accident Crime Scene Involving Westfield Police Chief David Wayman

     The “hit and run” accident as described in Westfield Detective Lieutenant Leo Lugo’s reports (see previous story) took place in a “secured” area of the Westfield DPW’s conservation center on Lambertsmill Rd. 
     The “secured area” as noted by Westfield’s lead detective, is a locked gated area known as the Westfield police department’s impound lot where numerous vehicles and equipment are stored. 
     The “secured” lot is currently occupied by military surplus vehicles obtained by the police department, a pall barn housing police department vehicles and equipment, and other vehicles seized and stored by the authority of the Westfield police department.
     It is in this “secured” lot that a “hit and run” accident took place involving Westfield police chief David Wayman and subsequently reported by Detective Lieutenant Leo Lugo. 
     The Fact of The Matter has obtained information from sources not authorized to speak on behalf of the WPD and who wish to remain anonymous. 


  1. Only the best for Westfield. Anyone know what’s even stored in that barn?

  2. So let me get this one straight, the suspect gained access to a locked area hit a car, took off, and locked the gate?
    And the Detective Lieutenant does a one line report to supplement his accident report a month earlier? Where is the investigation? Oh, that’s right the chief is the suspect, so there is no investigation.

  3. I’m still smiling.

  4. I wonder if the chiefs name will be removed from the front door of headquarters this week. Pompous asshole had his own name stenciled on the door when he became chief to let everyone know what a dick he is. No other Chief ever had that done.
    I’m still smiling.

    1. I’m surprised he didn’t have his name put on all vehicles.

    2. His DNA is all over his secretary

  5. Who has access to that area?

    Who drives a department truck with a plow on it?

  6. Is there damage to the dept trucks that have plows on them?

    Who drives dept trucks with plows?

    Why aren’t these questions being answered?

    1. No damage to truck, the steel plow hit the parked vehicle.

    2. Because Dave knows the answers already.

      Has Dave ever passed up an opportunity for an IA? Just twice that I remember ... this and Denny's simple assault in Cranford which he identifed himself as a Westfield Police Officer. No disciplinary action there either and now Cranford doesn't even have a record of it anymore.

  7. So then there should be damage to the plow of some sort?

  8. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Wayman’s office when Leo walks in.

  9. I think I saw Lugo carrying a brick of Velveeta cheese out of Shoprite.

  10. FAKE NEWS!


  11. Has anyone contacted the Star Ledger with this? Im sure the Union County Section would find this most interesting.....

  12. Who is investigating this? There should be a special prosecutor investigating this crime.


  13. An independent and thorough investigation will further reveal many other instances where the Westfield Police Department has allowed, condoned, and encouraged a systemic, ratified, and sanctioned policy of official misconduct, unlawful stops, searches, arrests, and acts of excessive and unreasonable force, wrongful arrests, racial profiling and malicious prosecution, only to fail to discipline personnel for such actions, much less properly supervise and train to prevent further abuses.

  14. Ask Sgt ski...hes telling everyone that he was there when it happened

  15. When a Westfield police officer was involved in an on-duty motor vehicle accident that was reported and not covered up, he was subjected to the following disciplinary action by Westfield Hypocritical Police Chief David Wayman:

    *Loss of vacation time for a period of 2 years
    *Suspended from overtime off-duty jobs for 9 months.
    *Suspended from duty for 2 weeks with loss of pay.

    Nothing short of termination should be sought for a police chief and officer that covers up a motor vehicle accident the police chief was involved in resulting in property damage and reported as a “hit & run.”
    Official Misconduct has a statute of limitations of 7 years.


  16. Dear Westfield Officer Don Domanowski,
    Realize that secrets eventually come out. Just like this one, your secret that Chief Wayman has threatened you to keep quiet, is out. You’ve done nothing wrong as long as you tell investigators the truth. The second you try to cover for Chief Wayman, you own it.
    Best of luck on the sergeants exam.

  17. Wayman at the impound lot
    Patrolman at the impound lot
    Wayman hits UCPO vehicle
    Patrolman witnessed accident
    Wayman tells patrolman to say he didn’t see anything
    Wayman gets his buddy to write hit and run report
    Got it.
    Official misconduct
    False swearing in report
    Falsifying public record

    Yes, I’d say the witness officer should tell the truth or else he will sink with the SS Wayman that just hit an iceberg.