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Friday, August 24, 2018

Make a Wish Come True With The Help of WPD Blue

Copied from Facebook

The Westfield Police Department went to see off and wish Maddie Sanford a safe journey on her Make-A-Wish New Jersey trip to the Galápagos Islands!

Unfortunately her limo was booked on the wrong day.  No worries - we can help!!

Maddie and Family were escorted to Newark Liberty Airport by the Westfield Police Department.

Assisting with the escort was Acting Chief Battiloro, Captain Ricerca, Sgt. Walsh, Sgt. Ostrander, SRO Savnik, and Officer O'Holla.

TFoTM applauds the WPD and the effort to assist and serve this Westfield family.  Thank you Mayor Shelley Brindle and Acting Chief Chris Battiloro for allowing this act of kindness to help a Westfield family in need.


  1. Nice to see the department heading in the right direction since Wayman left.
    He would’ve never approved this police escort.

  2. Sally Cohen-AlamenoFriday, August 24, 2018

    I was there and it was awesome!

  3. Community policing includes good deeds such as this. I’m happy to see the police department engaging in these activities. Policing isn’t just issuing tickets and making arrests but also assisting residents in their time of need.

  4. Wayman would have never allowed for this to happen, let alone assist in loading the family’s luggage into the vehicle. Nice to see the department assisting residents when needed. Nice to see positive things happening.
    Great Job WPD

  5. Wayman would have never allowed this to happen, he would have never even though to offer any assistance to someone in need. I believe I even see the acting Chief loading up the vehicles with the family’s luggage. It is so nice to see something positive and heartwarming for a change. Nice Job WPD!

  6. Wonder why this isn’t on TapintoWestfield?

  7. That is awesome

  8. Nice to see this posted.

  9. You know the Wayman days are over now. The chief is loading their luggage into his chief’s car, that is something you would never have seen done before.
    At least thee ESU -Emergency Service Unit -was put to good use
    Nice job WPD! Thank you for assisting residents in need -it restores our faith in our police department

  10. Utterly composed written content, Really enjoyed reading.

  11. Two thumbs up for Battiloro. Great to see. Mayor Brindle too!

  12. This is proof of what an a-hole the last Chief was and what the “new” department is capable of. Great job!

  13. Breath of fresh air

  14. Driver #2 where are you?

  15. Well done, WPD!

    It's nice to see good news here instead of misdeeds.


  16. Driver #2 is in the wind

    1. Driver 2 was spotted in Wildwood

  17. I heard that driver 2 is playing the tuba for loose change and dollar bills on the subway platform in NYC.