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Monday, January 24, 2011

27,000 Blog Hits and Counting

On December 1st, 2010, The Fact of The Matter blog site was created to expose issues not typically reported on or revealed to the general public. Some of these issues have been previously brought to the attention of local government officials, some of whom continue to turn a blind eye to the facts. This blog site's following has grown and we thank all those that support it's existence.


  1. This blog has opened a lot of eyes and I'm guessing is a thorn in the side of local politicians. Where do you get your information from, especially the documents you have posted?

  2. This blog was created in the aftermath of meetings with Mayor Andrew Skibitsky and Westfield Town Attorney Robert Cockren.

    On two seperate occasions, facts no different from the information that has been revealed here were turned over to the Mayor.

    His response, or excuse, was that there are bound to be a few disgruntled individuals in every place of employment.

    We at The Fact of The Matter agree.

    However, when the disgruntled few turns into an epidemic of many as a result of mismanagement, wasteful spending, cronyism, and corruption, someone has to be held accountable.

    Westfield tax dollars are being used to fund mismanagement, cronyism, and corruption.

    No longer can the Mayor avoid the reality of the facts of these matters and the problems that exist.

    Our goal is to expose facts and allow the public to form their own opinion.


  3. Thank goodness for this blog.