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Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Just Can't Make This Stuff Up


Mark Ciarrocca must really want to be mayor.  On Jan.18th, in speaking of the pedestrian traffic signal on Central Ave., he said, according to the Westfield Patch,  that "any changes to the original discussions about the location of the crosswalk were made by the County after the public meetings on the
matter".  Go to  to read the Westfield Patch's coverage of Ciarrocca's comment. 
     Please note that this marks the first time he has said that changes were made to the original discussions and that these changes were made after the public meetings.

     The Westfield Leader's coverage of the issue concerning the Central Ave. pedestrian signal can be found in the Jan.20th edition.  It states the location was changed after the public meetings.  Go to page 8 at  for Ciarrocca's comments.

Coucilman Mark Ciarrocca
      Thus, there are two sources in which Mr Ciarrocca admits that someone changed the location of this traffic device from its original designation of Central and Clover and that this change took place after all public consultation.
     Mayor Skibitsky originally told us that this device was placed after exhaustive consultation with the public and the experts.  The mayor further lectured Ms.Enculescu, on whose property it was built, that she should not be heard to complain now when she did not attend the announced meetings to voice her opinion.
     Mr. Ciarrocca chimed in that "hundreds of people" showed up at these meetings.  Mr. Ciarrocca seems to suddenly have a change of memory, to the Mayor's detriment.
     If changes were made after the public meetings, which is most probable, isn't Mr. Ciarrocca stabbing the Mayor in the back by now telling the truth?  Does he now admit that the placement of that device was done by persons unknown at present after all public meetings were over and situated in a spot never mentioned to those hundreds of people who attended those meetings.
     How did he not jump to Ms. Enculescu's defense when she was unjustly accused of not attending meetings that meant nothing in the actual decision making?  She is one of his constituents. She had the right to his protection when she was accused of apathy. But then, that would have required Mr. Ciarrocca to publicly tell the Mayor he was wrong.
     That is obviously a mortal sin. You never tell the King he has no clothes.  That could cause him to change his designation of who plays "acting Mayor".
     Well it seems Mr. Ciarrocca has the integrity to run for mayor as long as those pesky constituents don't get in the way.
     May we take this opportunity to make an aside to the members of the Council, how do you sit there like the sphinx when a lady like Ms. Enculescu is treated like she was.
     You may owe some loyalty to the Mayor and "the Party" but that lady was abused and you did
nothing.  How can you allow that?


  1. Maybe this resident should go to the County Freeholder meetings to complain.Is the light on her lawn or on county property?

  2. I think that the County "right of way" extends in from the curb so many feet that the light post was put on the area of her property between the curb and front lawn. It does look awful and makes no sense.

  3. This streetlight and crosswalk would never have been placed in this location if the homeowner was Mayor Skibitsky, Councilman Ciarrocca, Councilman Haas, Councilman Arena, Councilman Della Fera, Councilwoman Neylan, Councilwoman Kimmins, Councilman Foerst, or Councilman Loughlin. Or if it was a friend or family members home. I guess the only way ones property is truly safe in Westfield from the powers that be is to be one of the powers that be. Lest we forget the council's paramount concern is the welfare of all Westfield residents unless your name is Adina Enculescu.