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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Irony Ripped From The Headlines

The following yellow text was copied from today's (2-23-11) New York Post. 

'Roid Cop's New Dumbell Rap

     It was an exercise in stupidity.
     An iron-pumping NYPD deputy chief - nailed last year for illegal use of steroids - has now been caught driving his department car to the gym for workouts, sources told The Post yesterday.
     Controversial cop Michael Marino allegedly drove his unmarked car to the New York Sports Club in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, at least six times.  It is against department rules to use an official car for personal business.


     The Fact of The Matter posted a story last week detailing the use of town owned vehicles by town employees for personal use.  See related story by clicking on the following link:

The cost of registration, insurance, gas, and maintenance is paid for by the taxpayers of Westfield.

The Fact of The Matter asks Westfield Police Captain David Wayman: does the above story ring a bell?


  1. Thank God the guy who left the DPW holiday party drunk and got into an accident wasn't driving a town vehicle. Its about time the policy of town employees using town vehicles, for personal use, is abolished.

  2. He might not of been a town worker but I see workers drinking and driving all the time in cars they take home. Its only a matter of time before one of them gets into an accident.

  3. I want my tax money back...... This is Bull****. When is someone in this Town going to held accountable???? Oh i forgot everyone in this town watches out for each others Butts! The politicians, and Town employees need to be shaken up a little in this quiet, Affluent town...... Oh again i said something wrong.... we wouldnt want to ruffle anyones feathers in WESTFIELD..... Westfield is a PERFECT town, RIGHT???

  4. So get your you know what down to the council meetings and tell the infidels to their face what you're thinking. Public humiliation works wonders for the old ego. Don't be afraid I'll be there to protect you. See you March 1st at 8:00, municipal bldg. on Broad Ave.