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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mother Nature, What a Beach!

A possible scenario if schools are closed again for another "snowday".  With plans to open schools on Friday April 8th, if another "snowday" is needed, those teachers with vacation plans have one of several choices.  Cancel vacation plans....doubtful, call out sick....possible, miss the day and not get paid....probable.


  1. You know with all the other town employees STEALING from the tax payers .....WHY not the teachers have there day in the sun! Of course they will call out sick..... Cmon now after seeing the DPW worker doing whatever he was doing at his (girlfriends) or whoever's house that was, and the Mayor building culdasacs and installing lights where we dont need them & 10% of the police force stealing gas, time and whatever else that isnt nailed down somewhere in the building they work out of, why wouldnt the teachers call out sick. DONT FORGET THESE PEOPLE ALL WORK IN WESTFIELD >>> THE TOWN WHERE YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING YOU WANT!

  2. Where are all the disgruntled residents every other Tuesday evening at eight o'clock? We need more men in our army. Stand up and be heard. I'm sure Mayor Skibitsky and his puppets would love to hear what you're thinking. See you March 1st at 8:00 P.M., at the municipal building on Broad Ave.

  3. I wish i could...... i have my own issues i am dealing with regarding the town... and if you know anything about the way government works you would completely understand..... the town is responsible for things and i have been trying to get them to do what they are supposed to do with regards to my property but they just keep blowing me off then once i get an attorney involved they hide behind the "oh we can no longer discuss this because you are sueing the town" so i the tax payer is getting screwed by the town because they are responsible to fix things on my property but i can not get them to do what they are responisble for because they hide and use the system to just blow me off. I also can not voice my opinions at meetings because i own a business here in town which is my livelihood and speaking out would be very bad for business...... i need help..... i would also be glad to hear any suggestions. Oh boy do i have things i could expose!!! But I have a family and bills to worry about. So i am silent for now .... I will either end up being one of those people who moves out of town or one who eventually sells his business & then i do not have to worry about speaking my mind & then i will be on the street corner each weekend preeching! I would LOVE for TFOTM to take up a few booths at the spring fling and preech! I would even help him pay for the booths ,,,,, i just couldnt be invovled! The things me and the TFOTM could expose would be astonishing!

  4. The town has a history of instigating litigation by ignoring yhe initial warnings and complaints brought to them. Thats why the town attorney's are enamored with Jim Gildea and Mayor Skibitsky. They keep the town attorney's very busy. As a result, the taxpayer gets screwed by the fee's that the lawyers bill the town.