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Monday, February 28, 2011

Selection Process or Political Appointment?

With the current Westfield Police Chief John M. Parizeau reaching a milestone in his career and pension status in March of 2011 (30 yrs.), there is speculation that his retirement is near and that the selection process, if you can call it that, is under way behind closed doors.

The Fact of The Matter suggests that Town Administrator James Gildea be relieved of his duties to select the next Westfield Police Chief.  Based on his last two recommendations to the Town Council, against the warnings of many, his integrity with regards to the process is suspect. 

The following are contents of a Memorandum handed out to all police department employees during the last Chief of Police selection process in 2005.  Westfield Police Captain John M. Parizeau was chosen by Town Administrator James Gildea to succeed Bernard Tracy as Westfield's next Police Chief.

Town Admin. James Gildea
When Town Administrator James Gildea handed out this Memorandum, there were those that believed the selection process would be an honest and fair evaluation of the candidates.  Others, believed this was just another smoke-screen in what was believed to be a pre-determined selection process with a pre-determined outcome.  The selection process was to select the successor to the leadership of a regime that had wreaked havoc on the department with a lack of leadership and interpersonal skills.  The Fact of The Matter will leave it up to our readers to decide the honesty and integrity of former Police Chief Bernard Tracy.  Many of those that worked under his command experienced first hand, the lacking of both attributes.

Town of Westfield
Office of the Town Administrator


Date:         September 29, 2005
To:            Employees of the Town of Westfield Police Department
From:        James H. Gildea, Town Administrator
RE:           Police Chief Selection Survey

     I am asking for your input into the selection of the next Town of Westfield Police Chief
by completing the attached survey.  While I am not asking for you to sign your name to this
survey, I am asking that you provide honest and forthright answers to these few questions
and add whatever else you believe that I should know.

     I ask you complete this survey and return it to Robin Marko or return to my office no
later than 1:00pm, Friday, October 7, 2005.  I will pick up the surveys from Robin Marko
daily and at 1:00pm on October 7, 2005.  After that, no surveys will be considered.

This is your time for input.  I hope you accept the opportunity.

September 2005

1. Please select the ten items that you would value most in a Police Chief.  Place numbers
    by your ten selected items in order of importance (1 = most important and 10 = least

    Choose only ten items:

        Strategic planning skills
        Experience with community oriented policing
        Educational qualifications (college degree)
        Length of law enforcement experience
        Collective bargaining skills
        Community involvement
        Honesty and integrity
        Involvement in daily departmental activities
        Accessibility to the public
        Written and verbal communication skills
        Innovative crime prevention programs
        Fiscal affairs and budgetary skills
        Relations with other law enforcement agencies
        Experience in a multicultural community
        Computer technology skills
        Affirmative action record
        Ability to effect organizational change

2.  What issue would you like for the new Police Chief to address in the first year of his

3.  Please list two questions you would like for me to consider when interviewing


4.  Other comments and suggestions:  (Please use the reverse side of this page if you need more space)

Return to:
The Office of the Town Administrator or Robin Marko, Administrative
Secretary for Police Department
no later than 1:00pm Friday, October 7, 2005


  1. Do the math. Just because old Johnny boy has hit his 30th year of service (and what did he do while there??????)doesn't mean he is going anywhere. 70% of your pension doesn't go far when an exwife lays claim to it. Then tack on child support and say by by pension. Unless Tuba Lips is bringing a bag of cash to the retirement dinner you aren't seeing Johnny going anywhere soon. Cause as we all know Johnny Bravo has the corner office all locked in. By the way when Davy gets the corner office since it has its own bathroom will he unlock the handicapped access one so it can be used again.

  2. What do you mean the corner office is all locked in. I don't think so. Don't count out Chris Battiloro.

  3. Absolutely a political process. I remember when Parizeau opted out of the last testing for chief, didn't want it, said so himself. With Captain Auchter as the only other choice the town opened the testing up to lieutenants it was obvious Gildea didn't wnt Auchter. Then all of a sudden Parizeau decides he wants back in and presto chango! he is appointed chief. Its all a scam. Tracy got it the same way and so did Parizeau. Now the town is trying to figure out how to sip Wayman in as Chief knowing he is a greater liability than the first two. First he has to survive the IA being done on him that will hopefully cost him his job. Dave, stop intimidating witnesses. Don't ask them to lie for you. I'll bet you promised every LT you will make them a Capt if they back you. We are on to your tactics

  4. Given Cliffy's track record at IA investigations chances are Tuba Lips will survive. Shame considering all the wrong he did. By the way I don't count anyone out. By Johnny Bravo has his lips so tight on administrations ass that the hickey he is going to leave wont go away for a month.

  5. Who is Tuba Lips? Cliffy? Johnny Bravo? When I read the Leader, they use proper names. Why? Because it's accurate, useful and productive. Is this website an information source or a club house?

  6. Tis Blog is intended to be a source of information. The stories found in this blog use proper names.

    The comments are submitted by the readers of this blog. TFoTM does not control our readers use of first names only, nicknames or other.

  7. I read the leader also. Their accurate, useful, and productive stories are also boring, predictable, and sometimes days late after the Westfield Patch or this website has broke the story. The Leader wouldn't dare write anything to offend the mayor and town council. That's why I come here to find information I can't find in the Leader

  8. The Fact of The Matter recognizes the Westfield Leader's longstanding efforts to bring "news" to it's readers. TFoTM does not compete with the Westfield Leader for material to present to our readers. Thank you for your support.

  9. for those of you who arent up on the nicknames here is a brief list.....
    John Parizeau AKA (also know as) Johnny, JP
    David Wayman AKA Johnny Bravo, Tuba Lips
    Clifford Auchter AKA Cliffy

    I hope this helps..if anyone can think of AKA I have left out please feel free to add to list....