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Sunday, February 13, 2011

TFoTM Readers Say: "Pay For Your Personal Calls Captain Wayman"

The Fact of The Matter conducted a poll.  We asked our readers to cast a vote with regards to the following question: 

"Who should pay for Westfield Police Captain David Wayman's personal cell phone calls on his Town issued Blackberry?"

The results of our poll:   
111 votes (82%) voted that Westfield Police Capain David Wayman should pay for the personal calls.  
23 votes (17%) voted that the Westfield Taxpayer should pay for the personal calls.

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  1. The Westfield Police Department Rules and Regulations state that All personal phone calls from Department issued cell phones will be paid for by the employee. So I guess that is one more vote for Captain Duh Wayman paying, oh wait hes above the rules, regulations. policies, procedures and the law.

  2. Hey Cliffy are you going to enforce that rule and regulation or just turn a blind eye and hide in your office.

  3. Of course Johnny Bravo is above the rules. Whose going to investigate and punish him. Cliffy??????? Don't think so.