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Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Tribute To Westfield Police Chief Anthony J. Scutti

In 1989,  I was given the opportunity to serve the community where I was raised.  Westfield Police Chief Anthony J. Scutti gave me that opportunity.  Thank you, "Chief". 

The following Poem is written In Memory of Westfield Police Chief Anthony J. Scutti.

A Cop: A Husband and Father in Blue

A man will be laid to rest today, his family they'll say their goodbye's,

His eulogy given, a good man he was, tears will fill the mourners eyes.

His public life was that of a cop, he would ascend to the rank of Chief,

Along the way, he protected and served, he arrested many a thief.

What the public sees, of a man in blue, is not necessarily his choice,

But he protected and served each and everyone, no matter how little the voice.

The man I knew had another side, a side only seen by a few,

It was saved for those that were close to him, when outside his uniform of blue.

This other side was a gentle man, within the toughest of cops,

For his wife, his daughters, his grandchildren to, he'd pull out all the stops.

Put on "the uniform" then take it off, you remain a cop at heart,

But to Sharon, Kristine, and Jennifer, he was a husband and father to start.

It's these times I was fortunate, to see this man's other side,

The husband, the father, the gentle man, his love for them never died.

I often heard, others call him by,  his rank, his uniform name,

They'd say "Hey Chief" as he entered a room, long after he'd been out of the game.

The game I mention is the career of a cop, a job he surely deserved,

Even at home he continued his oath, the oath to protect and serve.

The loving, caring, respected man, outlives the uniform of blue,

For Anthony J. Scutti, the family man, there is nothing more so true.



  1. What a beautiful tribute

  2. A beautiful tribute to a man of honor and in the same time a good family man.
    I am very impressed he is remembered this way.

  3. The Chief was a true gentleman, a real cop, and a man's man. What a wonderful tribute to Tony.

  4. Thank you for giving me a chance and an opportunity to serve the Town of Westfield! You will always be the Chief!

  5. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve the Town, you were the last real Chief that this department had.

  6. The Hatala family sends its heart felt regards to the Scutti Family. Tony will be missed.
    Vince,_ Linda, Joseph, Brian Leanne

  7. Thank You Chief Scutti for all the honor you bestowed upon the WPD