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Saturday, March 12, 2011

50,000 "Hits", The Fact of The Matter's Existence

Thomas Jefferson once said that he'd rather have a free press without government than a government without free press.

The Fact of The Matter was established December 1, 2010.  As the number of "hits" on this site approaches 50,000, the one question asked by many, is "Why does this blog exist?"

It's a question that is answered by the naysayer, the opposition, the detractor with, he's got an axe to grind, an agenda in mind.  Merely suggestions, but not the fact of the matter. 

The Fact of The Matter exists so that information not readily available to the public can be obtained with the click of a button.  Information that town officials would rather not have the public know.  Information that the public might not otherwise have been exposed to, if not for the channels of communication open between TFoTM and it's sources. 

Transparency is like a double edged sword.  Some, that preach transparency and the need for it's existence, will sometimes selectively reject it's purpose.  In the event transparency casts a dark shadow, any attempt to selectively present only that which will cast a favorable appearance will often gain the distrust of the observer.  Transparency cannot be a one way mirror.

The use of innuendo, sarcasm, satire, and facts, has enticed the readers of this blog to formulate an opinion on a wide variety of topics presented.  Ultimately, it's the responsibility of the reader to formulate their own opinions. 

The opinions formulated by the readers of this blog are not what is most important to the moderators of this site.  What is most important, is exposing information that will contribute to the reader formulating such opinions.

Thank you for visiting this site. 



  1. Maria CarluccioSunday, March 13, 2011

    Thank you for all the hard work and effort it must take to keep this blog up and running everyday. It is blatantly obvious how intelligent and creative you are and certainly a man of honesty and integrity. It's no wonder that the powers that be wanted you out of the police dept., their loss and our loss as the residents of this town. My husband and myself look forward everyday to your next posting. We know you have a full time job and a family to take care of so it totally amazes us that you're able to pull this off, how do you find the time? We definitely wanted you to know how much we appreciate your sacrifice of time spent so we the sheeple, I mean people can get the whole picture. And to any of the nay saying people out there that think this posting is a plant I'm not afraid of anyone or their opinion and I'm more than willing and proud to reveal my identity. MARIA CARLUCCIO. God bless you Greg and your family.

    Sunday, March 13, 2011 3:06:00 PM

  2. Thank you Maria for the compliments. With today's technology, the starting up, updating, and maintaining of this site is relatively easy. With the help of others, TFoTM will continue to bring information to it's readers.