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Monday, March 14, 2011

Westfield's DPW, The Hole Story

Westfield Ave.
Moving clocks forward one hour yesterday will provide for an extra hour of prime time daylight until clocks “fall back” again in November.  To some, moving clocks ahead is the first sign that spring is right around the corner and Winter’s cold and snow become a distant memory.
With the threat of snow fading as temperatures rise, the Westfield DPW will begin to disconnect snowplows from trucks until the threat from Mother Nature materializes again later on this year.  Shovels however, are still needed. 

Winter snow and ice wreak havoc on local roadways.  Coupled with salt, spread on roadways to melt ice and maximize traction, frozen water can split asphalt/pavement if given the tiniest crack to infiltrate and deteriorate a roadway's sub-base. 

As snow and ice melt during daytime warming temperatures, it penetrates a roadway’s surface through cracks in the surface and around patches of asphalt used to repair roadways after utility companies have come and gone.  As temperatures plummet during the nighttime hours, the water freezes and begins to expand cracking the asphalt/pavement from within.  The making of a pothole begins to take place.

Westfield’s roadways are not immune to the birth process of potholes.  A recent drive along Westfield’s local roads has revealed the effect of Winter’s fury.

Washington St.
Soon, Westfield’s Department of Public Works will be shoveling asphalt into newly formed potholes but not before flat tires and damaged tire rims temporarily disable motor vehicles. 

Westfield Ave.
The Town of Westfield website advertises that during the work day, the town has a Resident Hotline (908) 789-4100 ext. 4612, where you can report a pothole, fallen tree limbs, sewer/drainage problem, etc.. and a Public Works employee will be assigned to address the issue.  Nights, weekends and for emergencies please call the Police Dept. at (908) 789-4000.    


  1. Potholes? This is great stuff.

  2. Your sarcasm is noted. Pothole today, bottomless pit in the near future. Stay tuned.

  3. There are some HUGE ones at the top of Westfield Ave.... where that new massage parlor just opened up. What's up with that Mr. Mayor? Didn't we have one of those a few years ago?

  4. Tea, Church and a happy ending....... all for $.25 in meter fees.

  5. Hotline? Would it kill the DPW to actually drive around town? They could make note of all of them, for example, while running a street sweeper. The town's roads are a disgrace, both in terms of their poor state of repair and the fact that they're covered in gravel and months of storm detritus. Towns that pay less in taxes have roads that are in much better condition - and have been swept!

  6. Demolition DerbySaturday, March 26, 2011

    Hit a HUGE pothole in front of Edison middle school on Rahway Ave. Damn near lost my front end! This thing is the Black Hole of Calcutta!