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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Central Ave. Pedestrian Crossing Signal: Mayor Says, "Call The County"

Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky has told residents that Union County is responsible for the placement of the light at the cul-de-sac'd intersection of Central Ave. and Cambridge Rd. 

Westfield residents have been asking Mayor Skibitsky to have Mr. Meth (Westfield's Consulting Engineer) appear at a Town Council meeting to answer questions concerning decisions surrounding this light.  The Mayor has refused.

Councilwoman Kimmins and Councilman Haas have recently called into question the basis on which decisions were made.  They asked to have Mr. Meth produced at a Town Council meeting to answer questions.  Mayor Skibitsky refused to accommodate this request made by his fellow council members.  It would seem that momentarily, the "loyalty oath" was in danger.


  1. What do you expect from Skibitsky, he's a politician's politician. Saw him in Sorrento's a couple weeks back. Didn't look to happy when he was approached and asked how things are going.

  2. Has FTM contacted the County for an answer?

  3. TFoTM has contacted both the State of N.J. Department of Transportaion and the Union County Engineer's office. We have received information from both.

  4. Dear Mr.Mayor and Mr. Ciarocca you both can either make this process complicated and difficult on yourselves and the residents of Signfield, I mean Westfield, or you can make it quick and virtually painless. One way or the other the crosswalk and streetlights will be moved to their rightful location. The sooner the better for all parties involved. Spare us your useless rhetoric that the county is responsible for the placement of the lights at the present location. Your cover has been blown. See you at the next council meeting with all the details.

  5. Why won't the mayor yield to the request of his peers on the council? Answer: Because the truth will be told by this guy Meth and the mayor can't have that. The mayor is screwed either way. All those years of not having your constituents question your decisions made him think he could get away with sticking that light in front of that lady's house and now he is blaming union county?

  6. Something tells me the mayor will be absent from the next council meeting. That's O.K. because eventually your sin will find you out. The same goes for you Mr. Smugrocca. Whoever has the courage to sit in the mayors chair at the next meeting better make sure their water pitcher is full and well chilled because your gonna need it. HA!

  7. News Flash! We now know who made the final decision to place the crosswalk and street light in Mrs. Enculescu's driveway. It was the mayor alright, but not the mayor of West/Sign field, it was in fact the mayor of Francis Terrace. From the information I've been able to gather on this woman she was a one man wrecking ball who wouldn't allow anyone to get in her way, especially when she was on the campaign trail for Skibitsky and Ciarocca. Something doesn't smell right. So to keep Mrs. Blowmavich happy you stuck it to the one resident which you thought would yield the least resistance. What you failed to factor into the equation Mark and Andy was the decency of the residents in town who under no circumstance were going to allow you to pull this off. So you might as well just pull the stupid streetlight out of Mrs. Enculescu's front yard now if you want to walk away from this disaster with even a shred of dignity. Council members please do what is right and advise the mayor and Mark that the jig is up. If not the council meetings are really gonna heat up. Get those water pitchers chilled and filled.