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Thursday, March 03, 2011

"Jimbo" Foerst Is All Ears To Resident's Complaints

The following information (Councilman Jim Foerst's quote) was obtained from the Westfield Leader's account of what transpired at Tuesday night's Town Council conference session.  Westfield Leader story written by reporter Lauren Barr. 

At Tuesday night's Town Council conference session Westfield resident Len Berman asked Mayor Skibitsky to consider another resident's report that driver's were "running the red light" at the cul-de-sac'd intersection of Central Ave. and Cambridge Rd. 
Francis Terrace resident Anthony Jennette stated that while he and his wife used the crosswalk to cross Central Ave., cars were "running the red light."

Fourth Ward Councilman James Foerst responded stating, "It's not like we turned our ears off, we heard what they said." 

The fact of the matter is, we knew it was only a matter of time before Councilman Foerst would not be able to contain himself and blurt out another arrogant and condescending remark to a town resident.

We were hoping it would be during a regular scheduled Town Council Meeting where the TV36 cameras are rolling.

Go to for video of Councilman Foerst erupting at a Town Council meeting in response to a resident referring to an email the councilman sent to Mayor Skibitsky's administrative assistant allegedly suggesting that residents be followed by police.

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  1. In New Jersey it is perfectly legal for any citizen to tape a public municipal meeting (such as the council conference meeting). It would be great to be able to see our council ignore citizens during the conference meetings here on TFOTM as well as during the business meetings on TV-36.