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Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Year Later: In Memory of Westfield Firefighter Dan Maglione

Picture from Westfield Patch
Westfield Firefighter Dan Maglione with wife Katie

A year ago today, the following was posted here at The Fact of The Matter. It is reposted here today in memory of a firefighter, a father, and a friend. Westfield firefighter Dan Maglione passed away a year ago today after a long illness.

The steps to heaven that you will climb
Are guarded on each side,
By the men and women that have gone before
That wore a uniform with pride.
The public lost a servant today,
A fireman, one of Westfield's own,
But a family lost even more today,
They may feel they're all alone.
If words could soothe a mourning heart,
And wipe away some tears,
They would be the words, spoken from Dan's heart,
Into his family's ears.
It's a falling leaf, the drop of rain,
The breeze on a windy day,
Each will carry a message from Dan
In words he cannot say.
He's there, he's watching, as time goes by,
He made the the most of life,
A father's love to his two beautiful girls,
A dedicated husband to his wife.
Dan always know, you will not be forgotten,
Your legacy will live on,
Your smile, your kindness, your helping hand,
Remembered although you're gone.

May You Rest In Peace Dan.

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  1. Rest in peace, my dear friend. I will keep you alive in all my fond memories of our younger years. Xoxo. Barbara

  2. My condolences to the family. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Rest in peace.

  3. Rest in peace Dan. You were always professional always a gentleman. Forever remembered.

  4. rest in piece coach mag you will forever be in our memory and heart we love you
    karina bernat

  5. Hey Dan, your cousins love you so much. You'll be in my heart forever.

  6. Danny,we will always love you,and we know you're up there wondering why we're making such a big fuss.I believe you will always be nearby,watching,and protecting your,Aunt Joan and Uncle Freddy.

  7. I love you cousin Danny, rest in peace. Gone but never forgotten, I think about you every day.

  8. OK, Its time took take this story down. R.I.P. Dan

    1. A story does not get "taken down" but new blog posts will replace older ones at the top of TFoTM's homepage as the new postings are published.