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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mayor's Fact Sheet Contains False Data

TFoTM has obtained a copy of the report that is a listing of accidents that Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky presented at a town council meeting to support his claims that accidents have been occurring no more frequently now, along the stretch of Central Ave. between Cambridge Rd and the intersection of Clover St., than in previous years prior to the construction/installation of the HAWK pedestrian crossing.

Mayor Skibitsky provided false information to the public at a town council meeting while attempting to justify the current location of the HAWK pedestrian crossing.

Did Skibitsky use this information to gain support from County officials and influence town council members to support the Mayor's hastily passed resolution to support the current mid-block HAWK location?

Report to be posted here along with times, dates, and case numbers of accidents supporting TFoTM's claim that Mayor Skibitsky "mis-spoke" before he confirmed the facts of the matter.


  1. Politicians don't lie, they mis-speak.

  2. For Whom The Bell TollWednesday, April 04, 2012

    So does Chief Parizeau when being questioned by investigators about his misdeeds. Come clean Johnny, come clean.