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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Officer Suspended Without Pay, Accused of Official Misconduct

When a law enforcement official solicits compensation for a promise to hire or promote, it's deemed bribery and official misconduct.  When another officer assists in the soliciting of compensation for a promise to hire or promote, it is deemed conspiracy to commit bribery and conspiracy to commit official misconduct.  An ongoing investigation into the alleged corruption of Middlesex County Sheriff Joseph Spicuzzo involves all of the above.

The Westfield Police Department is grappling with it's own Internal Affairs investigation involving Captain David Wayman.  An ongoing investigation into Captain Wayman's alleged misconduct has involved the questioning of other Westfield police personnel.  Westfield's other Police Department Captain, Cliff Auchter, is conducting the investigation.

The New Jersey Attorney General's Guidelines dictating the proper procedures to be followed during police department Internal Affairs investigations will be the focal point of those within the law enforcement community keeping tabs on this investigation.

Go to   for Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures.  Page 11-39 is of special interest.  It outlines procedures to be followed if the investigation is one of a criminal nature with an officer as a suspect.

Go to for story on officer suspended without pay and accused of corruption involving bribery and official misconduct.


  1. One way to rid the department of corruption is to remove the support system that allows it to exist. That process began years ago when Tracy was shown the door. One by one his disciples will join him. Hopefully Wayman is next.

  2. Always knew it would be a matter of time till the implosion would happen. Its nice being on the outside looking in. Just wonder how long before they start turning on each other. Now that would be fun to watch.