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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Town Council Meeting....Skibitsky's Charade Continues


  1. What the hec happened at the council meeting tonight, March 8, 2011, Skibitsky must have removed the muzzles before everyone took their seats. Mr. Dela Fera, way to go! you finally spoke out and made a total fool of yourself agreeing with the mayor that the mid block hawk light and crosswalk is safe. Did you agree with the mayor before or after he said everyone runs red lights? And you expect us to believe that light and crosswalk would have been placed there if it was your house, or anyone in your families house? Give us a break. You all stink. And what you did and continue to do to Mrs.Enculescu is criminal. Mr Loughlin you're the only one left who hasn't weighed in, curious. Mr. Foerst please get you blood pressure checked I thought your head was going to explode. And Mrs. Neylan cry me a river. When Mrs. Enculescu decides to sell her house maybe you can make it up to her and buy it from her because nobody else will!!!!!!!!!

  2. What happened at last night's Town Council Meeting was another attempt by the Council to "circle the wagons". It can't be disputed that the installation of a pedestrian activated crossing light and crosswalk is an improvement as Councilman Haas has stated. However, there was an existing crosswalk at the intersection of Central and Clover and the installation of the pedestrian activated light at this intersection, as originally proposed, would have been just as effective. The "Hawk" system, as this light has been referred to, has a 97 percent compliance rate at major intersections in Tuscon, Arizona where it appears to have been first introduced years ago. The compliance rate refers to the percentage of cars that stop for pedestrians once the light is activated. In Tuscon, a major city with much more traffic and four lane intersections, has experienced this compliance rate at INTERSECTIONS. Mayor skibitsky somehow claims that the location of the pedestrian signal placed mid-block, is much safer. Safer by what, 1, 2, or 3 percent?