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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Westfield DPW Superintendent's Credentials Called Into Question

A comment was previously posted here at The Fact of The Matter citing that the superintendent of Westfield's Department of Public Works has questionable credentials regarding his appointment to the job title he now holds.

TFoTM is requesting that if anyone reading this blog has any information or possesses any document to prove or refute this claim, please contact us at

To be continued.......


  1. 2 questions
    What happened tonight?
    Has the mold issue been resloved?

  2. At last night's Town Council meeting, Mayor Skibitsky continued his charade that the placement of the mid block crosswalk and pedestrian light was a county decision and that it was deemed the safest location by the "experts." When asked who the experts were at the County he could not name a person and shifted the decision to the County's consulting engineer from the Louis Berger Group. At times the Mayor looked "befuddled." Councilman Ciarrocca continues to back the Mayor unconditionally. The two of them have contradicted each other as to who was responsible for the new location of the pedestrian light installed at Central & Cambridge and not at the original proposed location of Central & Clover. It appears that at times, Ciarrocca falls off the coat-tails of the Mayor only to regain his perch by referring to his "Citizens Traffic Safety Advisory Committee" anytime anyone questions the process used to locate the light to it's current location.