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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Town Council Meeting, The Ruffling of a Few Feathers

Tonight's town council meeting is scheduled for 8 pm. in the Westfield Municipal Building located at 425 E. Broad St. 
The Central Ave. Pedestrian/Traffic Light, at the cul-de-sac'd intersection of Central and Cambridge, continues to dominate the topics residents address the Mayor and Council on during the time allotted for residents to speak.  A few feathers might get ruffled.

Go to for The Westfield Patch coverage of a Town Council Meeting


  1. Trader Joes ShopperTuesday, March 08, 2011

    Thank you to the person that directed me to this website. She was handing out flyers at Trader Joe's and I took one. The stories I have been reading here are not what typically gets reported on. Now I know why. I look forward to attending a few council meetings and getting more involved in my community.

  2. Clearly the "Trader Joes Shopper" is a plant post and the person does not exist. Please let us know the next time this "mystery woman" is handing out flyers because I would like to go there and see her for myself.

  3. TFoTM can confirm that Maria Carluccio was downtown handing out notices to Westfield residents informing them of the Central Ave. pedestrian light issue. She is a neighbor of the resident, Adina Enculescu, on whose front lawn the Town elected to install the pedestrian light instead at the original proposed location of Central & Clover St.

  4. That still does not address the fact that the posting was a plant. Interesting how no one ever leaves a real name on this "blog" unlike the Westfield Leader when people often have their name associated with letter's to the it's all "anonymous" or front names....or maybe it's just one angry person sitting in his basement typing away for hours in the dark dank of loneliness and self loathing.

  5. The Fact of the Matter, unlike the Westfield Leader, but similar to the Westfield Patch, allows our readers to post with however they wish to identify themselves. Some chose to remain anonymous just like you do. TFoTM will not hold that against you. We welcome your thoughts. The person you accuse of being a "plant" has chosen, for whatever reason, to use a name other than their own, just as you have. TFoTM believes there are those that visit this site for the entertainment of some of the comments, the information of the blog posts, or both. Thank you for submitting a comment to be posted.

  6. Anonymous is the way to go in the on-line world. If you don't get that then I bet you still listen to AM radio and watch the news at 6pm. Anonymous allows people to speak freely without worrying about their neighbor, boss or others giving them crap.

    If you need help getting the word out about this blog can I suggest you post a printable poster on your site. I'll gladly print out a bunch and hit the train parking lot in the morning. I'll even give Murray one :)

    Keep up the good work.

    Anonymous and happy to keep it that way :)