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Monday, April 04, 2011

The Fact of The Matter In Review

     The Fact of The Matter has reached another milestone......60,000 "hits" on our site.  We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our readers and those that support this site. 
     We will continue to bring you the Wesfield stories you would, and wouldn't normally find in the news.  Although our local officials preach transparency in all that they do, as you can see, or not see, not everything is visible to the naked eye. 
     Exposing the facts of a matter often reveals how non-transparent some things really are. 
     Due to Spring Break, the next few days we will recap the stories that have been posted covering Town officials, the Police and Fire Departments, the DPW, Board of Education, and other Westfield issues.
     After Spring Break, we will break the story we have been working rhymes with Fraud.


  1. YEA BABY...... IS IT TIME FOR ..... CLAUDE.... TO GO DOWN???? I sure hope so then maybe we can actually get the DPW workers to actually WORK..... What a novel concept!

  2. I must admit, this blog has given me a new perspective in looking at the goings on in town government and now I see a "spin" when reading the other town news providers.