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Monday, April 04, 2011

Westfield Parking Enforcement Officers Stick To Their Guns When Issuing Tickets

New Jersey Statutes - Title 40A Municipalities and Counties - 40A:9-154.8 Limitations

Legal Research Home > New Jersey Laws > Municipalities and Counties > New Jersey Statutes - Title 40A Municipalities and Counties - 40A:9-154.8 Limitations
40A:9-154.8. Limitations
For purposes of this act, "parking enforcement officer" includes, but is not limited to, such similar titles as "parking control officer" and "parking violation officer" if the appointment, functions and authority of persons holding these titles are in compliance with the provisions of this act. A parking enforcement officer is not a special law enforcement officer within the meaning of the "Special Law Enforcement Officers Act," P.L. 1985, c. 439 (C. 40A:14-146.8 et seq.) and is not a member of the police force of the municipality in which he is employed as a parking enforcement officer. No parking enforcement officer may carry or use a firearm while on duty. A parking enforcement officer is deemed to be on duty while the officer is performing the public safety functions enumerated in section 1 of this act and for which the officer is receiving compensation, if any, from the municipality at the rates or stipends as established by ordinance.

A parking enforcement officer is not eligible for membership in the Police and Firemen's Retirement System established pursuant to P.L. 1944, c. 255 (C. 43:16A-1 et seq.).

L. 1987, c. 260, s. 2.

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Last modified: March 29, 2010


  1. Scratching my headTuesday, April 05, 2011

    If you ever wonder why the parking division is so messed up just remember who set it up John Morgan. As a civilian employee he would show up in his Special Police uniform complete with sidearm. To make matters worse after John Rowe could not handle his duties as the supervisor of the detectives, he was put in charge of parking. This is why the parking division is in the state it is.

  2. Heard Rowe is retiring. going to run out the door while he still has a grip on his pension. John, you going to replenish the money in the sfe before you leave?