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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Live Tonight" on Internet BlogTalkRadio: The Fact of The Matter

The Fact of The Matter will be coming to live internet talk radio tonight, Tuesday night (4/26) at 11 PM.  Our readers can click on the following link to access the show.

Our readers can also access the live show by clicking on the link under "TFoTM Internet Radio Show" located on the right side of our Homepage.

The 30 minute talk show will touch on topics effecting the Westfield community.  Tune in tonight at 11 PM.

*We will be taking calls from our listeners.  If you have something to say, call in.  A call-in number will be provided during the show.


  1. I cant wait to call in....

  2. Tonight's show was scheduled at 11 pm so as not to conflict with the scheduled Town Council meeting at 7 pm which TFoTM will be attending. Upcoming shows will be scheduled at other times to reach a wide variety of listeners.

  3. Are you the next Bill O'Reilly? If so will you proclaim Skibitsky and Ciarrocca pinheads?

  4. Good job Greg, I really enjoyed listening and I am incredibly grateful to the time you spent on the mid block crosswalk on Central. Looking forward to the next show.

  5. I listened to the TFoTM blogtalk tonight. It is interesting to learn the truth about some people who we trusted, and we voted for. They and their direct reports appear to have a different understanding of the word "integrity",different from the majority of the people, or they even might not know the meaning of this word. They simply follow their personal interest and don't want to serve the people. They only want to serve themselves, pretending they serve the people. Their hunger for power make them to step without any decency on everybody in their way.

  6. great radio program

  7. I enjoyed the show. You need to make a blog post about how the Westfield Government tried to shut the blog down - that is bound to be a popular story.

  8. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.