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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

REPLAY: The Fact of The Matter Live on Internet Radio

If you missed The Fact of The Matter Internet radio show last night, you can click on the link below to play back the show in it's entirety.  The "On Demand" feature allows BlogTalkRadio to archive the show for our listeners. 

TFoTM would like to apologize to the two callers that were left waiting.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time but will be more than happy to field your calls the next time.

As with any new endeavor, there are adjustments we will make for our next show.

Thank you once again, to all our listeners and everyone that logs onto The Fact of The Matter.

Click on the following link and then choose "On Demand" to listen to last nights show, the first of many for The Fact of The Matter.  You may want to select the option "Play in your default player" found below the "Play" arrow under the BlogTalk Radio Icon.

NOTE:  The Fact of The Matter will be broadcasting live again TONIGHT at 6:30 pm on BlogTalkRadio.   

 Another option to listen to archived show from 4-26 is to select this link:


  1. Great! I was hoping that there would be a way to hear the show for those of us who missed hearing it live. Thank you.

  2. Nicely done Greg, looking forward to future shows!

  3. I strongly agree with some of your opinions and of late disagree just as strongly with some of your opinions. But I was kind of shocked at how entertaining the radio show was. Its not easy to do a radio show (see, Sheen, Charlie).

  4. Thank you for tuning in to the show. Whether you listened to the show live or through the "On Demand" broadcast feature at, the fact of the matter is, you listened. TFoTM understands that our audience is comprised of people like yourself and that we all have an opinion, sometimes opinions that differ. But when facts are presented on a matter, opinions are like......(as the old saying goes)..... and everyone has one. When facts are presented, opinions mean nothing, and the truth prevails. Once again, thank you for your response.