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Saturday, April 02, 2011

MTV's Got "Pimp My Ride", WPD's Got "De-Pimp Dave's Ride"

     The Fact of The Matter has learned that Westfield Police Captain David Wayman has parked and abandoned his Town owned, police department issued, 5 series BMW in favor of a 2007 Chevy Tahoe loaded up with "gull-wing" doors and an audio/video package that would make MTV's "Pimp My Ride" look like a soap box derby car.
     The "Hot Wheels" Captain Wayman has been cruising Westfield's downtown strip in, is outfitted with donated 20" Bling-Bling rims courtesy of a local business.  In fact, the whole ride was courtesy of charitable donations made with the intentions that the money would be used to purchase the vehicle for the Westfield Police Department's D.A.R.E. Program. 

     Recently the vehicle was "de-D.A.R.E.'d" so that possibly, when  
Captain Wayman parks the vehicle around town "after hours," it won't be recognized. 
     TFoTM recognizes it and we hope that this gas-guzzling, 8-cylinder, entertainment center on wheels won't break the taxpayers bank funding Captain Wayman's excursions to softball games (hang #25 from the rear view mirror) and the after game bar hopping festivities. 
     Why not just pull right up to Temple Emanuel after a PBA sponsored Christmas Party and load a few cases of beer into the cargo hold.....What's that old saying, "If it's free it's for me?"

The de-D.A.R.E.'d & de-Pimped Chevy Tahoe

     In 2008, D.A.R.E. to Dine events were held to raise money to purchase the vehicle.  The events staged "cook-offs" between chefs and raised $18,000.  The $47,000 vehicle was provided by New Norris Chevrolet

     A resolution was passed by the Town awarding the purchase of this D.A.R.E. vehicle.

     What the heck, this "pimped out" ride has got more cargo space than the Captain's "Beemer" had so its a foregone conclusion that Ole' number 25, and we ain't talkin' Mark McGwire or Jason Giambi 25, hit a home run when he "scored" this "juiced up" behemoth.

What are all the people, who made charitable contributions to obtain this vehicle, thinking now?
How much of the Westfield Taxpayer's money was wasted " this vehicle?
How much money was wasted outfitting Captain Wayman's 5-series BMW with undercover lights, siren and police package radio and other assorted state of the art electronics?  A vehicle destined for the auction block. 

     It should come as no surprise that Captain Wayman grew tired of the BMW so soon.  After all, he has moved into three different offices' within the police department over the past 5 years, having the taxpayer foot the bill to build him a newer and bigger one each time.  Membership surely has it's privileges. 

Next up....we are guessing he prefers a full blown loaded Hummer, the vehicle of course. 


  1. I donated plenty and finding out now what happened to my money...... PISSES ME OFF

  2. I donated money as well- not for the car but to do the dare thing with my son. So the money I donated for Dare was spent to buy and brand this car and now it's being used for personal use by a cop? A cop who normally drives a BMW? Hello.... Westfield...... WTF!

  3. Does anyone really care anymore about DARE? It's obvious that the PD doesen't and now the school board doesen't care, they are letting a teacher back into the classroom who was arrested and charged with pot. Some great role model...

  4. Are you (above) going to speak out?!?!? F- this guy, AND the town. Speak out, because you donated money to better a supposedly trusted program (yeah right). THIS IS NOT RIGHT.