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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Westfield Police Report Documenting Auto Accident at Mayor Skibitsky's "Safest Location" for Pedestrian Crosswalk and Light

     The Fact of The Matter has obtained a copy of the accident report filed by the Westfield Police Department documenting the auto accident that occurred on Central Ave. at the new Pedestrian Light on Monday April 25th.
     This is the location that Mayor Andy Skibitsky and 3rd Ward Councilman Mark Ciarrocca have emphatically stated is the "safest" location for the "Hawk" Pedestrian Light.
     TFoTM would like to point out to our readers that although the "Crash Diagram" is labeled (NOT TO SCALE) the diagram does not properly depict the intersection or location of the accident.
The officer has placed the cul-de-sac of Belmar Terr. directly across the street from the cul-de-sac of Cambridge Rd.  when in fact Belmar Terr. is much further south on Central Ave.  Also, the accident report states that the accident occurred 25 feet south of the intersection of Clover St. & Central Ave.  The crosswalk is approx. 113 ft. south of Clover St.  For the purpose of this blog that measurement is irrelevant.  

     It has to be noted that a Central Ave. resident was the driver of the vehicle that struck the vehicle slowing down to cross school children.  

TFoTM has to ask the question: 

     Mayor Skibitsky, a Central Ave resident, whom you would think would be alert to this pedestrian light location, caused this accident.  What should we expect from motorists that don't expect dangerous mid-block crosswalks? 
     Motorists expect lights and crosswalks at intersections.  The same location the "expert's" Signal Warrant Analysis recommended for the location of the Pedestrian Signal.  
     Mayor Skibitsky, your "safest location" claim is your non-expert opinion.  The Signal Warrant Analysis is an "expert's" opinion based on a study of the location.

Although not required by law, TFoTM respects the privacy of those individuals listed in this police report obtained from the Westfield Police Department.  Last names, dates of birth, parts of identifying ID numbers such as vehicle identification numbers - dates of birth - and driver's license numbers, as well as addresses, have been redacted. 

Although this information is obtainable due to it's inclusion on a "public record", TFoTM respects the privacy of the person's named in the report.

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