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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OSHA Investigating Westfield Fire Department's Response To Hamilton House Fire

The Fact of The Matter has learned that OSHA is investigating the fire department's response and actions at the fire that devastated the Hamilton House apartment complex on Mountain Ave. last month.

Could fines be levied against Westfield once the investigation is complete?  If so, will they be a direct result of inadequate staffing levels within the WFD?

Firefighter's will break the "two man in, two man out" rule to save a life.  That was evident at the Hamilton House fire.  Town officials may end up wasting valuable taxpayer money due to their refusal to staff the Westfield fire department to levels that would not subject the FD to violate the "two in, two man out" rule as was the case at the Hamilton House fire.

1 comment:

  1. Won't be the first time that OSHO will cite the town because of unsafe practice. How much will it cost this time Mayor? Get ready to open up the taxpayers checkbook.