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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Westfield To Purchase Individual Fire Response Vehicles?

     Westfield Councilman Mark Ciarrocca, with the unconditional backing of Mayor Andy Skibitisky, has stated that he "does not see any impact from a downsizing" of staffing levels at the Westfield Fire Department.  
     In a cost cutting measure the Westfield Town Council should consider the sale of the fire department's ladder truck, which has been rendered useless due to the cutbacks in fire department personnel. 
     Perhaps a more appropriate response vehicle to represent the declining staffing levels at the Westfield Fire department should be considered.  
     Should the firefighter operating this rescue apparatus encounter any delay in responding to a residential fire and the structure is a total loss, just quote the Mayor, "That's what we have insurance for." 
TFoTM asks Councilman Ciarrocca and Mayor Skibitsky to: 
Name one insurance company that will give a quote on the replacement cost of a human life.

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