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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Up Next: An Open Letter To Former Westfield Councilman Sal Caruana

     At Tuesday nights Westfield Town Council meeting, former councilman Sal Caruana approached the microphone to voice his opinion on the Central Ave. pedestrian light issue that has been profiled here at

Mr. Caruana took issue with some Westfield residents questioning the integrity and character of Mayor Skibitsky and other members of Westfield's governing body.

TFoTM asks Mr. Caruana:

Do you remember the arrest of James Abate?
Mr. Caruana, were you ever asked to include your name on a list of names to be submitted to the N.J. State Police or other law enforcement agency after it was suspected that those names, including yours, were  checked through alleged illegal background inquiries by local law enforcement?

TFoTM knows the answer.

To be continued next.

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